I welcome you when Emery Smith, who was a military pilot, doctor and surgeon, appeared to be silent after the passengers had spent their secret security services and had lost activity to penetrate the inside of the Secret Space Programs. This time on the topic: secret underground bases Emery says “I know there are more than 300 underground bases in the US alone. These facilities are not always owned by the government, the military is guarded, but they do not always have control over them because some are owned by larger corporations and unknown organizations, different devices with different populations and each has a different agenda. Some are large, such as in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, where entire cities are built underground and none of them are coming to the surface and fully equipped for the elite group. They have space craft, advanced medical technology, and cloned bodies. Some bases, in turn, are built for one project only, and most of them have up to 200 people to control and control them all. I was at base in El Paso, Texas, Los Alamos and Kirtland Air Force Base, then in Charlottesville, Denver and also in Crestone under sand dunes. 95% of the entrances to underground bases are inconspicuous or hidden and are guarded and monitored by satellites. The entrance is needed in the fire tower and you never thought it was the entry point. Usually you have to go through a series of habitats and go through two types of security. You have to get to the base through the first one, and once you do, there’s a more secure access way inside the base. There are more entrances, which is more convenient for the scientific community. The military is not always aware of the extent of these underground bases. There are always two security guards at the entrance and you have to go through three different types of security measures. You identify yourself with a card, a palm print and an iris scan. As soon as you do this, you take a lift that takes you down. It’s not just an elevator. It scans you, weighs, scans special wavelengths that could harm your body. It also monitors radiation levels. Some bases have no entrance from outside, but only through a tunnel and transport system that serves as a single entrance and exit. The underground module of the magnetic-levitation path has an egg shape and 4 people can enter it. Inside are comfortable and heavily padded chairs. The ride is quiet, fluent and you don’t even know you’re going. The travel module reaches speeds of 800 to 1100 km / h. After the ride you have to go through another safety point. I was told that if you were driving through this system and performing a task, you could go through the portal and find yourself on another planet. You know absolutely nothing, because portal jumps are quite smooth. If you live underground for a long time, it is important from a psychological point of view that you have a view of organic material and gardens. By imitating what is on the surface, stress levels in working scientists are significantly reduced. A huge dome with illuminated stars can be installed around it, similar to a planetarium. There is also a visualization simulation of day and night. Clouds may be projected or hurricane or scifi effects may be simulated. One entrance to the base is a disguised part of the mountain, and no one would know there was anything like that. Just suddenly opens a piece of rock, where the space is pressurized, sealed and invisible when closed. Similarly perfectly hidden is one entrance to the base, which is in the desert. This opened the ground like a zipper in front of us and sand began to flow inside. I always wondered who was cleaning the sand down there. But once I was told that they had special equipment there, and when the door closed again, the sand was sucked in and shot back up. Another type of bases are those in ice sheets. These are absolutely amazing. They have their own atmosphere, their flowing perfect water and they produce geothermal electricity here, because these bases are very, very deep underground. Or, electricity is generated by thorium reactors, a non-radioactive fusion system that is also classified for the general population. 1953 became the year when the military-industrial complex sent its people to a variety of specialized libraries to rip one page out of all scholarly publications where it was reported that thorium could create a thermal reaction that produced near-zero radiation. I know that the propulsion of spacecraft, which was atomic, was later replaced by thorium. If we could start using the thorium, there would be an incredible breakthrough in technology development and a great increase in our standard of living. For this breakthrough, but unfortunately we have to wait a while … ” “The bases are often located in large national parks, which are constantly monitored by both civilian ground surveillance and, of course, by a large number of satellites and other devices that continuously monitor the area. the energy that the base uses. Parks were selected for bases from the outset to disguise military facilities. These are the perfect places where human traffic is limited and the park’s operating rules are limited. One base is in the South Pacific Ocean, and when crossing it looks just like an island, but half of it is a base that is masked by a hologram. Today, they have even developed holograms that are partially material in nature. They call it hard light, and such a hologram can have a shadow. You can come to it and tap it lightly. Therefore, I say here that if I see something, an alien vessel or an alien, I don’t know if it is real or not until I stand right in front of it and examine it. Because they might then give the impression that the plane crashed into the building. Some holograms are even palpable, but can easily be passed through them. It is an amazing technology, and so a false threat can be made relatively easily. They use up to 9 satellites to create holograms that mask a variety of facts and create all sorts of illusions, or use huge cargo containers on the ground to do the same. But sometimes he has to create a hologram from the ground to give every layer of the hologram a credibility. This technology is based on the fact that they have already managed to change the mass of atoms in the air. They use some glicerin-based steam, which when they scatter planes they create a “canvas” on which they project “their film”. I had the opportunity to touch such a hologram. It’s like touching the mattress, but if you push more, you go through. to be continued