My name is Emily. I’m an occupational
therapist. I think it is such a rewarding job. I think it’s rare that you go to a
job every day that you love and you feel like you actually made an impact on
people’s lives. And so working with people who’ve had brain injury or stroke
or any sort of neurological injury is probably the worst day of their life. And
I feel like you can bring your personality, you can bring your skills,
you can bring everything that you have to offer into making their life more
meaningful, into getting them back to their house, which is what everyone wants, and to ultimately get them back to their life. So you should work in an acute
rehab because you care, because you want to make a difference, because you know
you can make a difference, because you want to work really hard, because you
want to have great co-workers and great support, and because you like a setting
that’s really challenging. You know, working with people who’ve had a stroke
or who’ve had a brain injury, it’s challenging. It’s challenging physically,
it’s challenging medically. You know, it’s challenging emotionally, and I think
people who are looking to come in this profession should know that and should
know that’s something that can be, you know, an amazing asset to their life too.