-Hi, I’m Erinn Hayes.
-And I’m Rob Huebel -and we’re both on Medical Police on Netflix.
-Yeah, and we’re here at Netflix headquarters to administer some B12 shots to their employees. -Why?! Because we’re doctors!
-Yeah! -We’ve played doctors on TV for so long.
-It’s the same thing. We basically are nothing if not doctors at this point. So let’s get into it. Let’s go. Let’s do it. Would you be comfortable with me doing the shot? Absolutely. -[Erinn] She’s into it. Terrible idea.
-[Rob] That’s a terrible, terrible answer. How much alcohol is in your water bottle? Let’s not talk about that, next question. -[Rob] Look at you plugging another Netflix show.
-[Erinn] Another Netflix show! -[Rob] We’re not on that show.
-[Erinn] Uh-uh. -[Erinn] On a scale from one to ten
how hot is your dad? Tell me slowly. Super hot. -What does this have to do with Medical Police?
-Shut up! -Alright, are you a little nervous?
-Yes -You seem a little nervous.
-I am. Don’t, we’ll do a guided meditation. You’re at the beach, oohh the beach. -[Rob] It’s a warm summer day. Dip your toes into the water. -[Rob] And then a shark!
-[Erinn] Why are there sharks?! -[Rob] Shark bites your shoulder!
-[Erinn] Why are there so many sharks?! -[Rob] Run!
-[Erinn] Ahhh! -[Erinn] You’re done, see?
-[Rob] Bye, I hope that helped. -[Erinn] Ahhhh!
-[Rob] ♪ Go to sleep. ♪ -[Erinn] Ahhhh!
-[Rob] ♪ Go to sleeeeeep. ♪ Uhhh, ok.
Oh! It hurts! Oh, it broke off!
The needle broke off in your arm! -[Rob] Relax your shoulder. Don’t flex. -[Both] Stop flexing. Stop flexing, bro. There is
no way this is not fully flexed. Relax! Oh I’m scared,
I brought a ball. Oh shit. -[Erinn] Fuuuuuuuck.
-[Rob] Fuck, Oh fuck. -[Patient] Oh Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuc, fu, fu, fu…
-[Rob] Oh fuck, it’s not too late to back out. -[Rob] You can back out.
-[Erinn] Beep, beep, beep. -[Rob] You can’t leave now. -[Erinn] We’re so proud of you. -[Patient] That wasn’t bad. Thanks.
-[Rob] Here’s a lollipop. -[Rob] Now get back to work!
-[Erinn] Get back! Welp, we did it. We gave all the shots. We did all the stuff. -We made all these Netflix employees feel great.
-Erinn, Erinn. -What? What?
-We got a problem. It wasn’t B12. -What?
-It was horse tranquilizer. Oh…. Sweet! -You’re welcome Netflix.
-You’re welcome guys. -Enjoy that.