Despite appearances,
they haven’t been dead very long. -What? Those are the colonists?
-The colonists aren’t here yet. This is the set-up team,
the skeleton crew. Why did the robots feed them
to the garden? I don’t know. Maybe they ran out
of fertiliser. Let’s not ask them. -Hello!
-Yeah. -We were just admiring your garden.
-Yes! Moving on now because there’s nothing
of particular interest here. Cheerio. If he’s chasing us,
he’s moving very slowly. Do you know what it means
when something chases you slowly? -What?
-It means there’s a reason that they don’t have to run. Okay, they’re slow, but the city’s full
of them. They catch you in the end. What do we do? Question, we’ve been here for ages.
Why are they attacking us now? -Does it matter?
-Only if we want to live. -Smile for me!
-Smile? Use your whole face right now. Do it. What good’s smiling? Smiles aren’t just smiles. Psychologically, they have
a measurable effect on your mood states. Yes. These robots, they built this place.
They grew those trees. Something went wrong,
but they were designed to make you happy. How would massacring
hundreds of people make me happy? “How would massacring hundreds of
people make me happy” smiley face. -Smiley face.
-Magic haddock. What magic haddock? What’s that all about? The robots want you to be happy,
but they got the wrong end of the stick. I think we should give them
what they want. Don’t even try without smiling. What a lovely place you have here. Thank you so much for your hospitality. We will come again. Doctor, I was thinking maybe next time
we might go to Wiltshire perhaps, or Aberdeen. Ah, yes. Two thumbs up for Wiltshire/Aberdeen. -Doctor!
-Smile! Smile! Where did they come from? Once we’re out of the city,
we should be safe. Are they coming after us? I’m guessing that once we’re out,
we’re not their problem. Right. You’ll be perfectly safe
in the TARDIS. She’ll look after you till I get back. Where are you going? There’s a giant smiley abattoir
over there. I’m having this really childish impulse
to blow it up. -Be right back.
-You’re going back in? We’ve only just escaped!
I thought we were going home. Home? Why would we be going home?
That place is a living death trap! -We can’t leave it with its mouth open.
-But they’re all dead. We saw them. It’s too late. We have to assume
there’s a colony ship on the way. What do you think’s going to happen
when those people arrive? They’re expecting the new Garden of Eden. What they are not expecting
is to be the fertiliser. There’s broadband in there.
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