– Hey guys, Game Girl’s back
and today we’re back inside some more Roblox today. Let me just tell you a little story. So one day, my heart like started, stopped pumping. So I went to the hospital and I wanted to get
someone to operate on me. So I lay down on the bed
like the doctor asked me to and then, I heard some cackling. I snuck out of the room and I realized my doctor was evil and
the last patient he had went out of bed with this trail. So I am gonna escape
and get a better doctor. I mean like this person is not gonna operate on me with this. Okay, no, please. So where do you think you’re going? The doctor has gone mad! Let me help you escape, so
this is the guy who’s gonna operate on me but he needs
no one to be watching, not even him because then
he’s just gonna strike in with the move. So here, electrifies the chest. Okay. So these are some kind ow wires he puts
in them, the mad doctor puts in the patients. I don’t know. And he made a big mess over here. Definitely a big mess with
this tiny little bucket, that’s pretty impressive. There’s a little gravel
hook stuck inside my butt. I mean like what. And there’s like a tube
coming out from this thing. Okay I guess we’re not
allowed to touch that, maybe it’s poison he was gonna put in us but he spilled it on the way here. So he was like and then he decided, no, they’re not gonna escape so
we’re gonna do that instead. Okay maybe he, dropped all these files here on purpose. Did I get to the last checkpoint? I think I did. All right, so I guess he
dropped down these files here on purpose to mess up the patients of what they need and
then they just, yeah. They just, and then he gives them what they they think he thinks they need. I don’t know. This is confusing stuff. Okay blood pool, someone
probably died there, that’s a lot of blood. Okay let’s just pretend I never saw that. Okay now he definitely has gone mad. All right, we need to jump
over these one by one. Can I go into this room? Emergency, no I can’t. All right, we’re gonna
have to jump over these. Oh no, someone else died here! The doctor really has gone mad! Another gravel hook floating in the air. Ah! He’s definitely trying to kill us now. All right, let’s jump over these. Oh yes. Ah he’s blocked the exit or something. The cafeteria, really! Is that pee, did he pee in the cafeteria? What? Dude you didn’t have to pee, okay. That’s pretty disgusting, ugh. I don’t wanna touch and probably
we’re gonna get more sick from that so we’re not gonna touch it. The doc has locked the
exit, go through here. Fire-exit, okay we have to
go through the fire exit. No, let me go through. Out of order, the elevators. You shouldn’t use elevators
in a fire because the fire might shut down the
elevators so probably why they’re out of order or something. I don’t know, maybe they’re just in bad shape or something
but we have to go up these long stairs. We can’t go through here. It’s an emergency room in a fire escape, okay that’s a little bit strange. I’m not gonna lie that’s a bit strange but we’re just gonna continue on. How long are these? Okay, this is the last set
of stairs, there we go. I wonder, this elevator is dead, I don’t think I should go
there or maybe I have to. Okay maybe we’re gonna
go down the elevators. Okay yeah. Through the vents, okay yeah we have to go through the vents, crawl through. Oh no, it’s another maze. Ah, I hate mazes, they’re the worst. Ugh, I don’t know where to go now. It’s always go right,
right is right, right? I don’t even know what I said. I really am not liking this maze. I’m pretty sure this one for left is good. Oh no, we went into a dead-end. I mean right is always right,
left led us to a dead end. That kinda proves that
right is always right. I think I just went in
a circle or something. Oh no, I guess I’m gonna
have to always go right. I’ve definitely been this direction. Okay, I don’t know, let’s go for here. No, I’ve definitely been there ugh. Ugh! Ugh, these vents are really confusing. Why can’t they just have one way, really? I mean they don’t need that many. Oh no, it led me to another dead end. No! I’m lost! I’m lost in the vents! What? Come on! Don’t do this to me! Please, I don’t wanna be
lost in these vents forever! I feel like this the way. Is that the way? Oh, I think I made it! Yeah, oh they blocked out the
exit but I think they did it because it has too much blood. Blood squares, okay, they cleaned them out into blood squares so it
looks more neater but. Okay they went a little too
far with their security. Maybe they did. All right ow, ah I
didn’t see that last one. All right, we’re dead. That’s actually first time I
died, actually the second time I died, this is actually pretty difficult. But we need to make it through
alive to meet our grandmother I don’t know why, maybe because
she baked cookies for us. Yeah she baked cookies for us, ow! Not the last one, it’s
always that last one! Well it really bothers me. There we go, finally. Oh come on, more pee,
this is a disgusting dude. There’s another gravel hook. It’s like I Spy with a
gravel hook, like a game where you just have to find a
gravel hook, it’s just weird. Dude, seriously! Okay maybe I should do it when it’s under. Yeah good idea Karina,
good idea, keep in mind. All right. Dude, this is way too insane. You’re crazy, this guy has
gone cray crazy, cray cray. He’s definitely wanting to kill us now. He wanted us to lie in a bed with a, thing that goes round and
round, a blade for example. I think it’s called a blade, the blade wanted to go through our chest to reach our heart. Well no, I don’t want him to touch it. Oh I just got teleported,
I think it’s an elevator. It looks like an elevator,
I think the doc is using this toxic to make human zombies. Brains, okay I shouldn’t go on that. Maybe I should go on these squares here instead of that goop, it
looks a bit more cleaner. All right. All right, I’m not supposed
to talk to him yet. I need to go on these like I don’t know, things
from the ceiling, cans from the toxic. The things from the ceiling
probably fell because he just made a lot of noise. And these probably came from the goop he was using. See this one’s full, that
one’s kind of emptying out. So, and he didn’t wanna clean
it up he just went, ugh I don’t care, I have better
things to do like kill people. All right, I think this is a fire escape. No, go up, all right. We need to go up the fires escape, wait. I thought a fire escape goes down, not up. Ah that’s confusing, well it could go up it depends which way you come from. If you come from the
bottom you could go up but, I would recommend go down actually because if you go up the fire
will break down the bottom and it will, and it won’t be it won’t be safe to come down. All of a sudden they stopped. Please don’t crash. I think it’s fine. Maybe you could push something
to get up that ladder. You’re right, maybe I can. I could. It’s grab, go! Maybe someone already
did it and they just, okay I’ll just use this because someone was very helpful. Okay we’re gonna zip-line
into a pool of lava. Okay, why does the
zip-line have to go there? Maybe he just decided,
no no one’s going there. Press the purple button
to reach on the zip-wire and stand on the landmark. Okay. All right. I think I have to just stand here. Yeah, oh my gosh, holy cow! (whoa) All right, okay, ah
someone just died here. Oh what a tragic death. They’re trying to escape
with me but they died on their way out. Pretty sad but I made it, I
don’t know how that’s so hard. I really made it really easily. Maybe they’re not really used
to Parkour but be careful on this roof it’s slippery. You’re right mister,
it is pretty slippery. (groans) I don’t know who made it slippery. (coughs) I said I don’t know who made it slippery. Probably that dude, or I
came from this door I think. All right, it’s hard to see
these because they’re so glowy and it looks like it’s all covered. So this is gonna bed difficult
and they’re so fat too. Like see it looks like it’s all
covered but really it isn’t. Okay, I’m making it. There we go, all right so
this the waiting room-ish. Oh we got out, I will open the doors. You opened the doors indeed, yes! Run home! Is this speed? No, it’s not speed. I need a SpeedCoil, I need
to get SpeedCoil for this, I’m not walking all the
way there without it. This is like barely anything
it’s a little faster I guess. Okay, this is really slow, okay
it’s faster than this. All right, ah yes, and I’m
running so fast there’s like smoke coming off the road. Really, I’m running that fast? I’m not even running faster than a car. Smoking the camera. All right, I think we’re
almost there to get our prize. Oh and there’s hand-gliders, that’s cool. I finished this map so quickly, like 10 minutes-ish. And that might have
been my quickest round. Well when we’re back home we
have a doctor who’s coming to our house to fix our hearts and it’s gonna be okay. We have nothing to worry about. We could get a flying
saucer because we are crazy. Oops! We can get this, I want a hand-glider too. A piano, sounds legit. And I want a rainbow path. Can I get a rainbow path? Yes! No, no, how dare you
put me inside a rainbow? Well it’s so pretty. Look at all the colors. It’s going up I think. Yeah look at all the colors, so pretty. All right, (Wee wee) there’s a coin we could get,
yay, let’s get the coin. What are these? I thought they were punching
bags but they’re trees. That was confusing. Oh look at it, we have our little thing. We could be operated on
this table or on this bed, on the bed sounds like a better idea. I don’t wanna be operated
on a solid, hard table. That’s gonna be pretty painful for me. I think I’m gonna use the hand-glider, I just wanna get high. I’m gonna get really high,
I’m gonna use the hand-glider because that will be cool. It’s going by really quickly. I’m stuck. Okay. All right, let’s go I’m gliding, no I died. Okay yeah. Gliding. Is there anything
interesting from the shop? I don’t wanna skip stage. No, you keep the gear when you buy. All right, that’s cool. That’s good to know really, SuperCoil. We could, maybe we should
have got the SuperCoil but we already bought it so. I’m permanently dead. Yeah. I’m permanently dead, forever. I mean it makes sense,
I’m permanently dead. Maybe he did kill, maybe
the same doctor just snuck into my house and killed me. Put a secret little poison thing or maybe he just peed on the hand-glider handle and I touched it and then I died. Maybe I’m permanently dead from that. So, maybe it’s time to end the video here. I hope you liked it guys, if you did smash that like button
and I’ll see you guys all next time, goodbye!