Bruised my knee while playing. Don’t diagnose yourself…
who’s the doctor here: you or me? AARGH! AAARGHH!! AAAARGHH!!! Just what I’d thought… Anything serious, doctor? Your knee is bruised. Sir, I have a dislocated shoulder. Apply Vicks. Sir, these days… Apply Vicks! But I have lung cancer, not fever! Vicks. VICKS! Vicks will cure it. APPLY VICKS! For the last three days… I’ve had a fever and cold. Can you repeat the symptoms? ‘OK Google’ -‘For three days-‘
-Shh! Speak in English! ‘Fever and cold-‘ Dude, can’t you speak
in an American accent? (American accent) I have fever and cold… since three days. Damn it! Vinod… The internet is down again! How willl I work now? Do you have 4G? Pardon me? Doctor, I have a nosebleed. Don’t worry, take this medicine… but this can cause migraines. So, for that… take this one, okay? But this can cause
acidity as a side effect… So for that, this is a very
good syrup, take it. but as a side effect to all these, you
can get nosebleed! Nosebleed, again?! So I’ve already given you the
medicine to nosebleed! We can get the test done,
it’ll not be a problem… Sir- Hey! come on in , we’re all family!
Tell me… Sir, it’s a boy! Oh, finally…congratulations! He also had the same problem of
erectile dysfunction. I’ve given him the double dose as well… Mark my words: within 9 months… she will give birth to twins! Dr. Sharma is a crook! Dr. Chaudhary is a disturbed woman. These allopathy doctors are a sham. These homeopathy ones are frauds. How can you cure anyone
with sugar pills? He got in through donation…
even has a pending negligence case! She has sold kidneys of her patients,
I’ve seen it first hand! Gentleman, be warned: you have a problem of ‘airflow’. which means,
‘gastroen-‘, err… you have a gas problem. You should consume this… You’ll have immediate relief! Drink up! What’s this? ‘Ganga jal’ (‘Ganges water’)? Cow urine. Here’s your bill. *gasp* Only cash. Do you have 30 rupees change? 30 rupees change…I’ll have
to check, one minute. Ah, it’s not here… 500s, 1000s… Shall we adjust it in the next visit? If you like this video… please like, share and comment… and subscribe to FilterCopy. and keep checking out more
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