Hold on there please madam. I need
you to do as I say, this could be a potential crime scene. Why’re you calling me madam? Because you’re a woman. Am I? Does it suit me? What? Oh yeah! I remember. Sorry, half an hour ago
I was a white-haired Scotsman. When’s the next train due? This is the last one back. But the doors were locked, how’d you both
get in? Driver’s window was smashed in. What’s your name? PC Khan. Hallamshire Police. Name, not title. Yasmin Khan. Yaz, to my friends. Can I have your name, please? When I can remember it. You don’t know your own name? Course I know it, I just can’t remember it. It’s right there, on the tip of my — What’s that? Tongue? Tongue! Smart boy! Biology! What did she call
you — Ryan? Yeah, Ryan Sinclair. Good name. You a doctor, Ryan? No – Shame. I’m looking for a doctor.