– So originally, it was
all about helping people. My father is an ENT, his
father is an ENT as well, so we’ve got quite a
lineage going forward, and it was something that
I loved seeing growing up. The surgery in this type of
area is reasonably complex and something that I was always
interested in focusing on. My name is Nithin Adappa, I’m one of the Associate Professors here at the University of Pennsylvania in the otorhinolaryngology department, or ENT department. I am a specialist in rhinology
and skull base surgery, which this means is, while I’m ear nose and throat trained, I specialize in the nose and complex issues with the nose and what we call the skull base. This can go from problems as
simple as a deviated septum, to chronic sinusitis, with
or without nasal polyps, sinus cancers and tumors, or
brain tumors through the nose. The big key for us is early diagnoses and coming up with an
accurate treatment plan. I have several colleagues
that I work with who, this is all we do all day, so for complex patients, we are working together on your surgeries to give you the optimal outcomes. My philosophy on patient care
is personalized medicine. I think this is the key
which, every patient, it cannot be a cookie-cutter approach, and everybody has to have different care. My favorite part of the job is really seeing the
patient’s satisfaction. In general, the vast
majority of my patients have seen other ENTs,
have had other results, and unfortunately haven’t
been as good as they’d like. As I jokingly say, I’m
the end of the line, but I’m hopeful that I
can get them the results that give them that
happiness and confidence to go back into the
community and do really well. (uplifting music)