The Doctor is a legendary being of remarkable power
and an infinite number of faces. His head, I assure you,
would be your crowning achievement. Besides which… many of us on this ship would be happy to see his career cut off,
as it were, at the neck. Proceed faster or your head will be taken! I would give my head with gladness. This woman is the known consort
of the Doctor. Confirmation required. Uploading. Is River Song the consort
of the Time Lord known as the Doctor? Huh? I think so, yeah. Here, can I stay up for a bit?
It’s really very whiffy down there. Oh, it’s awful! So… where is the Doctor now? I haven’t the faintest idea. -Is that credible?
-It’s true. -You’re the woman he loves.
-No, I’m not. She’s lying. The Doctor does not
and has never loved me. I’m not lying. Confirmed. The life form is not lying. Impossible. This is a trick. No, it isn’t. My information is correct. -You are the woman who loves the Doctor.
-Yes, I am. I’ve never denied it. But whoever said he loved me back? He’s the Doctor. He doesn’t go around
falling in love with people. And if you think he’s anything that small,
or that ordinary, then you haven’t the first idea
of what you’re dealing with. Your Majesty, I assure you,
she is the perfect bait. When this woman is in danger,
the Doctor will always come. Oh, you are a moron. No, he won’t. -He’s probably already here.
-No, he isn’t. Of course he isn’t! -Possibly on this ship.
-Well, go on! Scan it. then! -Go on, why don’t you?
-River… Two hearts, stupid clothes, -you can’t miss him.
-River! Go on! Scan the whole parsec!
He’s not here. God knows where he is right now,
but I promise you, he’s doing whatever the hell he wants
and not giving a damn about me! -And I’m just fine with that.
-River… When you love the Doctor,
it’s like loving the stars themselves. You don’t expect a sunset
to admire you back. And if I happen to find myself in danger,
let me tell you, the Doctor is not stupid enough,
or sentimental enough, and he is certainly not in love enough
to find himself standing in it with me! Hello, sweetie. -You are so doing those roots.
-What, the roots of the sunset? Don’t you dare! I’ll have to check
with the stars themselves. Shut up! I was just keeping them
talking till it kicks off. -What is this conversation? Explain.
-You keep out of this. -We need to get to work.
-What have you got? Four exits, one in the ceiling. -There’s also one in the floor.
-I don’t like it. -Too close to the engine ducts?
-A bit too tight. I hope you’re not being personal. Excuse me! What are you talking about? Hush, Mummy and Daddy are busy. There we are. Two o’clock, here we go. -Cease this conversation.
-In the event of a sudden meteor strike on the lower starboard decks, where
is the safest place to stand? -Meteor strikes?
-Exactly here I think. Do you know what that isn’t?
A coincidence. -Your escape plan.
-It’s cheaper than a taxi. What meteor strike? Alert. Meteor storm imminent. -That meteor strike.
-How could you know? I’m an archaeologist from the future. I dug you up. See you in 400 years. Don’t forget to subscribe to the official
Doctor Who YouTube channel.