Hi, my name is Kane Wilkin, co-founder of
InHomeSafetyGuide, buying advice to keep your loved ones safe. In this quick overview, we’re going to focus
on 3 core areas for the Mobile Ally by HelpButton….. -First, how the Mobile Ally works -Second, their simple set of pricing and packages -And lastly, the key features and benefits
that make the Mobile Ally stand out as a top-rated product Ok, let’s get started. The Mobile Ally was developed to give anyone
the protection they need, wherever they go, all the while, keeping it simple. Here is the HelpButton Mobile Ally And here
is how it works… When you need help, you just press the Help
button on the device – a signal is then sent to the emergency monitoring center and
the certified agent will then respond – you will hear their LIVE response from the speaker
in this device – you can then speak into the device to have a 2-way conversation with
the agent and they can send the help you need. It’s that easy. Ok, let’s quickly cover the simple set of
pricing and packages offered for the Mobile Ally. Their STANDARD PLAN is $19.95 per month and
it includes the basic HELP services that we just discussed. There are also higher tiered plans called
SELECT and SUPREME, which are only $5 to $10 more per month. Those plans offer additional benefits, but
the main one is AUTOMATIC FALL DETECTION. This is where the Mobile Ally device will
automatically connect you with the emergency monitoring center when a fall is detected. One more important note on pricing: currently
there’s a small fee for shipping and activation, but if you tell the HelpButton sales agent
you found the Mobile Ally through our InHomeSafetyGuide website, they’ll waive the shipping charge. ? All right, here are the key features and benefits
of what makes Mobile Ally really stand out as a top-rated product.… First, automatic fall detection. We just talked about how that works, but what
also makes this feature stand out, is not all medical alert providers offer it. Also, battery life. A single charge on the Mobile Ally device
can last up to 5 days. There are other popular mobile GPS medical
alert devices on the market that can only last up to 24 hours. It’s Waterproof. So if you want protection in the shower, you’ve
got it. Also, it has two-way voice, so when you need
help, you can talk to the agent directly through the device. Lastly, you can take the Mobile Ally wherever
you go and they can pinpoint your exact location because it has GPS. So, on behalf of all of us here at InHomeSafetyGuide,
we hope this information helps you decide if the Mobile Ally by HelpButton, is the right
fit for you. Thanks.