I have been interested in medicine, I think
ever since I was a younger child. No one in my family had ever gone into medicine, my
mother had had an interest so she had always talked about it with me. I fortuitously did
well in school and had the opportunity to go to medical school which then prompted me down this pathway. I fell in love with kind of the anatomy and the physiology of the heart and as I went through the process of training, I knew I wanted to be a surgeon and it just
lent itself towards the cardiac arena. The areas that I particularly focus in, is I run
our transcatheter program along with my colleagues from cardiology. I also do a fair amount of
arrhythmia work, meaning treating patients with electrical disturbances of the heart
and lastly I tend to focus my areas of interest, both research and clinical in valvular heart
disease. Whether that’s aortic heart disease or mitral valve disease, those areas fit not
only with my research interests but also then with my clinical interest for taking care
of patients. A procedure that we do here perhaps with more frequency or more experience than maybe other centers in our area, would be the transcatheter valve replacement procedure.
We are one of the first eight centers identified in the United States to participate in the
PARTNER trial which was the first use of this minimally invasive aortic valve replacement procedure. As a result our history with this procedure extends three to five years longer than most other sites in the region. My philosophy on taking care of patients is that you have to do, you have to treat them as if they were your family member. And you have to do it
in such a way that you, you try to keep your emotions out of it because you don’t want
them to cloud your judgment but you work as hard as you would possibly do, as if it was
your brother, your sister, your mother, your father.