Doctor will check your private parts I am having a cigarate Throw away your cigg its your private organs check up sir Sir open it Basically its your private organs check up because there are a lot of diseases in that area so were thinking if you could show your organs see it is your property and you have to take care of it Basically this is your private organs check up I can make out that you have a disease No no I don’t want to become impotent let me have my cigg What rubbish are you talking about? What does guptan mean? Guptan means the area between your legs…. basically its your banana you are walking with this gun check up of your gun is also essential But how will you check? If you remove your pant here Here? What is there into laugh this is a beautiful thing one guy is ready to see your organ for free and he really wants to see also Two minutes he will have a look he will use the torch and have a glance No brother we can’t we don’t want to do it It will take two minutes just have a look at the scissors and torch and give him a chance just open your pants once Sir this is your organs check up what will happen or not happen? No we cant do it brother You have to just open your pants Can you open your pants? Here or there? No no open it here only sir It is a private organ nobody will watch it Doctor cannot go in the place smells of urine In case you are passing urine you feel a exasperating amount of burn its better you do a private organ check up When did you last go to pass urine? Just two minutes back Do you feel any inflammation ? I can make it out from your face What a douchebag I am not feeling any inflammation it is pure white I drink a lot of water Your urine is white? I drink a lot of water only doctor will see it I won’t If the doctor want to see it he can come in for two minutes We can do it here, there or anywhere , We can use it the torch to see what’s inside just remove your pants Will you be able to live without your private organ? Yes I will live without it you open your pants we will check it Since I have come I will not go without checking Go to the toilet you sister fucker you will find someone why are you checking mine? Many people don’t have a beautiful organ and yours can be you have to give a chance to doctor No no mine is beautiful… This Doctor could have become a beauty doctor but doctor he choose the beauty under the pants If necessary he will pluck it No no its good i will break loose and we will start abusing you Doctor wants to do good with you Our check up is already done We are going You open it, you open it, or you open it Doctor’s dream is to see your private organ it is passion to see it Now you are getting angry Don’t laugh you made a fun of your organ . Do you think it’s a small thing? No it’s a big thing Guptan is a big thing , guptan is a 6-7inch ling thing thing its his passion to see it and you are killing his passion If I tell you that it’s a prank video do you understand what is prank video There is the camera Sir if I tell you that we are joking then See there is the camera