My mother always ask me….what is house surgeon?? tell her that…after studying mbbs for 4 and half years, before entering into post graduation…a house surgeon works for 2 months in each departments forone year do you know?? from today, we are officially doctors we should have joined in Private medical college college…our lifestyle may be different
and enjoyable…superb.. Hey…what are you saying? here we get more clinical experience… more patients and will
become better doctors… do you know…how much government serves the poor, through our hospital?? we tried our best…but we couldnʼt save him ward boy…get through the forma alities and handover thebody to him… Chai paisal nikaal ( Give me Money for Tea) chai paisal (Money for Tea) hut saala not 10 rupees give me 1000 rupees ( I want 1000rupess not100 you coward hey hey are you out of your mind ? you know the situation in government hospial and still you demand 1000rs fortea Then how come your getting tea for 10rupees only hey take this 10 rupees and be sincere Getlost you a** l Give me money i think our PGs are here can you help me out with the Cath there ? okay then you load the treatments , i will take care of it is that your girl there ? yeah why is she here! why didnʼt you answer my call last night ? why didnʼt you tell me that we are in
the same unit i thought to surprise you… why are you so shocked? are you flirting with other
girl in my absence why would i do that baby … hey chaanu … you are in the same unit too ? you are in the same unit too! yeah , our PG is kinda crazy never mind i will tackle lets see.. all the best …bye bye what is the matter? hey its just casually social talk if i see you with her again, i will kick your as* good morning sir , good morning sir who the hell are you i am the new house surgeon sir so what? he is really a kinda crazy doctor sir , where is ICU what did you say? doctor sir , where is ICU DOCTOR! DOCTOR !! DOCTOR!!! SIR why does this feel so good its not like that bro Donʼt expect much from here its other way round , You think you can do surgeries after completing MBBS ? as i told u your time is consumed by check BP ,sugar levels ,connect iv fluids and blood drawing if you are still bored then i will send you to get lab Test reports sir then what Nurses and Ward boys do This is how you have to follow the Work here .. you should get adopted Chief may not find me here when they come for Patient visits are you kidding me ? if you feel like a doctor again then you”ll face to workover time here now go get Patient bikshapathiʼs stool culture reports What the hell… Me Getting that stool culture report…!! Yeah Stool Culture report You have to get it you heard it right what are you doing here I bought ct report and you? stool culture report hey , why are you here? came for CBP report hey anil everybody being fucked up and you are very relax and chilling out !!! You feel so GOD !!!!!! fed up with this housie duty my job was so hectic man one patient attendant made me go crazy who is he? wait I will tell you….? glucose….glucose….glucose….glucose….glucose…. glucose….glucose….glucose…. that way he made me go mad here not only patient attendant… but there are many more similar people You want my help? then What can I do ? will check bp , will secure iv line…will check bp , will secure iv line…will checkbp , will secure iv line…will check bp , will secure iv line… You were already late and again your wasting your time with Mad person MAD MAN!!! what is he doing here in hospital? Hey Guys donʼt call him Mad man He is like You guys only Doing his House
Surgeon since long time by the time he completed he became mad man…. What is that dengue case? sirrr, we couldnʼt find his veins Sir I am newly joined house surgeon sir come here , come here , sit along with us why is she crying if i see you talking with her again , i will kick your as* Instead of her torture I will die out of Curiosity thinking why this girl is crying without any reason . What happened Geeta why are you crying ? if You boys don’t work at all PG sir donʼt shout at you even tho we girls work so hard he donʼt recognised us and simply he raises his voice Be cool…. PGʼs will raise their voice on us every time we have to take it easy
and move on anyhow we are the stress busters for them please donʼt cry Geeta …. i am there for you… donʼt cry too many mosquitoes Hey nooo .. it doesnʼt look goodYou always see u wasting time with girls.. Common girls lets go for rounds sir, sir,sir,sir, check fits got attack sir … hey dhoni bat to six!!!! hey did dhoni hit a six?!! whatʼs the score security why are you still here whatʼs your name ? bhasha sir hey ! itʼs you uncle Basha recently suffering from neck pain if you always keep noding your head saying glucose glucose this is what happens to you UNCLE BHASHA what happened? what happened tell me how can we diagnose if you donʼt tell, as you wish will check bp , will secure iv line…will check bp , will secure iv line… will check bp , will secure iv line…will check bp , will secure iv line… he is the perfect doctor for you will check bp , will secure iv line DOCTOR,, DOCTOR,, nobody is transfusing blood to my brother, its been long
time i didnʼt find single doctor here house surgeons will come just be with the patient Even you are doctor why donʼt you come and check i told you house surgeons will come and check , donʼt bother me are you not a doctor ? hey hey hey stop him why are you hitting a doctor sir please get up How dare you hit him, You think that 50yrs old security guard in this hospital
canʼt do anything You feel that Doctor are easy pray to manhandle on
us Here all PG surgeons if they stop working for 5hrs in this hospital you know
the worst part what will happen ….. You think PGʼs are of no use Professors
here work only for 4hrs PGʼs and House Surgeons work round the clock
24/7 without any rest and You manhandle us… what the hell you doing Hey you think smart to capture our Fight in Video and give it Media Channels again those Media Channels edit, give voice over Project Doctor as Killer of
Patients and will scroll false news. Please change our way of thinking Hey Channu take it easy they donʼt realise our pain and they donʼt change
either You look tired donʼt u had enough sleep at night hey man ! this is hospital donʼt you have sense he spitted on floor.. lets Walk from the other side neck sprain sir neck sprain…..! now Say glucose…. glucose did you guys went on a date anytime, like long drives etc… why are you showing so interest I asked casually so please tell me good afternoon girls hey is this Yellow Rice i am expert in mixing did anyone call you as sister ? are you gone mad ? are they stupid to call us Nurse instead of Doctors? sister, please check my BP please donʼt call them like that anyhow they are our senior doctors end of the day they are Nurses and we are the ward boys fasaaaaak sir i will leave early today because i am tired as it was a double night duty please donʼt over act.. first go look after the patients sir please , please excuse me for today donʼt irritate me ,just see there are so many patients sir , she can Handle herself she wonʼt be available sir please sir she is on leave ….please don’t irritate me ,just leave GET LOST , i wonʼt work.. how can a man work these many hours , are you
out of your mind? You can extent my hours if you want i am not going to work whatʼs your problem man ? I will inject anaesthesia if you talk in between What man . wht are you thinking nothing sir u donʼt get leave , please leave its okay sir Sorry its already early morning now, there is no place in interns room, lets leave to
the hostel now… lets go Hey look your girl is here yeah your right ….okay you leave hey wake up why are you sleeping here are you out of your mind? shift is over there is no place in interns room it is not safe to go out at this
time…so i slept here you shouldʼve called me i ws here only You should have put a word to me lets go i will drop you in hostel hey!! please stop here warden will be watching.. ok ok Rather than waiting and facing problem You should have bought a scooty will you buy it for me? we will get monthly stipend .. we are doctors just for namesake. even daily labourer get wages 500 rupees
at the end of the day but we only get stipend after we finish 6months of housie hmm…u are looking so tired i donʼt think you can make it to OP tomorrow…iʼll
manage the PG you go and take rest what happened? iʼm feeling hungry sir hungry in the sense?i feel like to have chicken in my dinner sir.. Hmm …which place are you from? pochanki pochanki ?!! where is that? Its located between gatka and mylta it must had been a great adventure coming out of pochanki alive? you are asking many details ..where are you from sir? we are from Yasnaya Polyana . I think its Solitary Pulmonary Nodule No it may be Tuberculosisssss No its TracheobronchiolitisNo its Tracheobronchiolitis Cryptogenic Fibrosis Alveolosis No Its Bronchitis Bronchiectasis No its Bronchiolitis Bronchogenic Cancer hey chaanu hey chaanu… he died hey chaanu hey he died chaanu..chaanu…heʼs heʼs really dead itʼs common in every doctorʼs life…never mind today u think u have ruined a patientʼs life but iʼm thinking of thousand
of lives you are going to save in the future but still i feel sorry to ruin a patient life…. if this still continues to happen i donʼt
want to Continue this profession or take MBBS hey..chanu please donʼt take it to your heart .. fter completing MBBS you think you can start doing surgeries…no its not house surgeon you should first learn how to check BP and sugar levels . how can i learn …..if i just keep on checking BP and sugar levels. I am not here to tech everyone and give you spoon feeding this is not a school and you have to learn by yourself Doctor Sir Dr Sir….. Dr Sir doctor sir..please save him…he suddenly collapsed and became unconscious secure i.v line I am not here to teach everyone and give you spoon feeding this is not a school
and you have to learn by yourself Professor ;For a Cardiac arrest patient first check the response of the patient then you go for the pulse first check the central pulse and then chest raise if there is no pulse start CPR immdly. For two person we can do 30;2 compression and for one person 15;2 compression after that if necessary we
can intubate the patient. he fine now? yeah your brother is OK now .weʼll take care of him. amidst all your tensions and frustrations… frustrations…the feeling you get after you save a
patient is always something special.. special..itʼs not felt when explained by others you should feel it personally.., and it seems you have felt the same now i can see
that in your eyes.