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and I got this question from the website because I can’t get
through all the questions and comments no matter how I try. I read
them all I interact as much as I can, but if not, one of the kinions
one of the members of our community may answer it for you,
and this had a lot of chatter. So, the question says, “Hey Kati and
kinions, do you have any tips for recovery after therapy sessions. I have been
going for awhile but I’m still exhausted after each session, even if we didn’t
talk about super intense events. After session, I’m exhausted
for the rest of the day and I can barely function. Is there anything
I can do differently to be a little more productive on the days
I have therapy?” Now a lot of people either said that
they struggle with it too and they don’t know what to do and a couple people
offered up some tips and what’s helped them. Now, I’m just going to share with you
what I do with some of my clients Especially, if they report this. If you haven’t told your therapist about this I would encourage you. Please! Please! Please! At the beginning
of your next session. Let them know You can say it just like you said it here.
You can say, “Afterwards, I’m so exhausted I don’t know what to do I just can’t anything done
it’s so ughh terrible. What can I do to help? The therapist
hopefully will offer up some tips. Now, something that I do, if I am working
on something really intense I set aside the last 15 min to let them
come out of it, breathe, slow down, we can do some grounding techniques.
Grounding techniques mean anything from like holding onto silly putty
something like that kind of helps, Sometimes when my clients have rubberbands
they snap on their wrist or We’ll have them count out colors
around the room We’ll talk about the texture of the couch,
I’ll sometimes have them stand up. They can feel the balance shift from foot
to foot. Some of those things and all of those things can help people.
All is up to you and what works for you and that’s why there are so many different
options. And that’s why I’m telling you all the different things that I do, but
that is what I usually do with my clients but they have to let me know, as well.
A lot of times, I will notice if I can see from the way they’re responding in therapy
and if it’s really difficult. and if let’s say, we have to end session
and there’s nothing we can do. I’m like, “Hey, my other client is here.
I’m already 5 min late. You’re going to have to go. We can check in later.
They can text. We can email. There are different ways we can make sure
they’re okay and are calming down Another thing I have a lot of my clients
do is have a playlist that they play at the end of their session in their car
or make sure you don’t have anything going that day.
Make it at the end day. So even if you’re tired, you’re going
home, eating dinner, you’re going to bed and it’s okay.
You can cry, sit in your car and cry for a bit. I’ve had a lot of clients
tell me they do that and even someone mentioned below this
question, which is a great idea is changing the day or time of your session.
Like I said, putting it at the end of your day. Be the last client your therapist
sees that day. I usually end at 7 or 8 pm Being that last client, means that there
isn’t that much more you have to do. Don’t do it in the morning before
you go to work if you’re feeling like this or putting it on a
weekend or on a Friday or something that works better with
your schedule. Maybe you don’t work on Tuesdays, so put it on a Monday night.
Whatever works for you and I would encourage all of you. Please.
Leave you comments below. Let us know what you’ve done to help
yourself recover from therapy we can learn from all of our different
experiences that’s what makes our community
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I will see you next time. Bye!