The health care Canadians get within the
country can vary depending on where you live. That includes wait times for
different types of care from the time of a referral to getting the treatment they
need. Saskatchewan has the shortest median total wait at fifteen weeks.
However, people in New Brunswick are waiting ten months — the longest in the
country and this problem is getting worse. Compared to 1993, it looks like all
Canadians are waiting weeks longer to get the care they need and the rise in
wait times is happening despite the fact that Canada had more physicians in 2018
than it did the year before. The latest numbers saying it had nearly 90,000 of
them. Physicians don’t necessarily work full time. Many physicians will work part
time and do other things because physicians work on what we call
fee-for-service, so when they do a service, they get a fee paid to them from
the government. They can make a pretty good income, many of them, by not working
full time so they choose to do that. In this year’s election, all of the main
political parties have promised to make sure all Canadians have better access to
care, even for minorities who may have the most trouble getting it, like people
within the transgender community. We need a national strategy around wait times
and I think we need a wait-times guarantee. I think the federal
government should insist on that as part and parcel of funding that they
give to the provinces.