With SyncVR Medical we are a force for positive
change, by decreasing pain and anxiety in hospitals with virtual reality. My name is Robbert Brouwer: RSM alumni of
the MSc BIM, former STAR Chairman, and one of the co-founders of SyncVR Medical. Currently, VR in healthcare is a very hospital-unfriendly
and fragmented market. VR healthcare providers focus on niche patient
groups and lack a hospital-wide solution. That is why we have developed the SyncVR Medical
platform. With our platform patients can virtually escape
their hospital and decrease pain and anxiety up to 40%. We provide hardware and software, a thorough
implementation process, 24/7 support to hospital staff, and integration possibilities for third
parties. I am super proud that after one year of operations
we are already active in more than 35 hospitals. With your vote we can truly innovate healthcare
and achieve our mission: become the leading platform for VR in healthcare.