Hi. I am Jessica Beck from IELTS Energy Podcast
and the online IELTS course Three Keys IELTS. Today I want to give you some more Sample
Answers for Speaking Part Three. I get asked a lot by students for example
answers and model essays and such, and I know you guys learn a lot from hearing examples
and reading models, so today we’re going to do some Speaking Part Three Sample Answers
about the topic of health. The topic of health is very common in IELTS,
guys. Reading, listening, speaking, writing, it
could pop up anywhere, so we’re going to follow our strategy for answering Part Three questions,
which is a very simple three-step strategy just like our course Three Keys IELTS, where
all the strategies are simple and easy to follow, and they all get you the highest scores. On Speaking Part Three, when you are answering,
you should try and follow this general strategy of giving your opinion right away. Follow that with specific reasons and examples,
very specific examples and details, guys. Remember, always use your own experience. Go to your own experience. It’s ready in your mind. Don’t think about it too much or it ruins
your fluency score. Then, after the very specific information
we give, we want to have a short one-sentence conclusion. That way, the examiner knows you’re finished
and can move on to the next question. All right? Let’s see. How would I answer these Speaking Part Three
questions? These are real questions that you could get
on the exam, guys, so pay attention, write them down, practice them on your own. All right. The first question is would you say that people
in your country are generally healthy? My answer would be, honestly, it depends on
what part of the country you’re talking about because, if you’re talking about the middle
of the country, some people call it the Bible Belt, I think, in general, and I don’t want
to be mean here, but I have been to that part of the country, and I did notice there was
a higher likelihood of obesity in that part of the country but, however, if you’re talking
about where I live in the Pacific Northwest, people are really healthy here, especially
in Portland, Oregon. People bike commute to work every day. People are out walking their dogs all the
time. Although we do love to eat, we love to eat
healthy food here for the most part. My answer to that question is, depends on
what part of the country but, in my part of the country, definitely yes. All right, so you can see that I immediately
directly gave my opinion. I used interesting vocabulary to describe
my details, and I did draw those details from my own experience, and then I gave a quick
one-sentence summary. I want you to notice that, in my answers,
I am not going on and on and on. That is not what the examiner wants, okay? You should try and keep your answer, I would
say, like a minute, more or less, because the examiner does want to ask you three or
four questions, approximately, in Speaking Part Three, so allow him or her to do that. A next question might be are there any recent
changes in your country that have impacted people’s health? My answer would be, well, honestly, I think
there are some positive recent changes in the way that people are eating and viewing
food. There’s a big movement, especially, as I said,
in my healthy part of the country, in my neck of the woods. There’s some movement towards eating locally. This movement is called the locavore movement. You know carnivore and herbivore, right? This is the locavore. This is where people are trying to eat food
that is grown and made locally. That way, we cut down on the transportation
costs, the transportation, which impacts the environment in negative ways, noticeable negative
ways. Yeah, definitely, I think just that alone,
that by itself is encouraging people to eat fresh food and healthier food, so that’s a
very positive recent change. All right. Again, I follow that three-step strategy. I would recommend, guys, that you go back
to the beginning of this video and go ahead and listen to my answers and write them down,
and I want you to highlight the way I link my ideas because, for that coherent score,
you have to have linking words the examiner will notice, right, and will see, “Oh, this
person can organize their ideas well.” I also want you to notice that I do work in
some idioms, like I say, “My neck of the woods,” right? That’s a cool idiom to say, “My area,” so
please listen to this. Watch this video a couple times. Listen to my answers, write them down, and
then practice your own answers. All right? For more tips, and awesome tricks, and advice,
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easy-to-follow strategies to get you the highest score on the exam. You can also get into that course for a dollar
and test it out. All right. Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day.