My name is Costi Sifri. I’m an adult infectious disease physician
here at UVA, and I’m the head of the immunocompromised infectious disease program. Infectious diseases is interesting because
it doesn’t deal with one particular type of organ system or medical process. It really takes a look at the patient in whole,
and focuses on people who are at risk for infection or have infection. I first developed an interest in medicine
due to family members who had experience with medicine. My sister had a serious illness when I was
a teenager, and that really stimulated my interest in medicine. And it developed to be, also, a larger interest
in biomedical research and medical care. Patients who tend to see me are often seeing
other providers at the same time. So they’ll have an opportunity to see me when
they’re seeing their organ transplant physicians, or their oncologists. And so they would tend to see me as we are
developing strategies to prevent infection. I’m passionate in the care for patients who
have cancer, or organ transplants, or bone marrow transplants. People who have compromised immune systems,
and who are at increased risks for infections.