I’m interested about what’s your
heritage/background I’ve got a huge mix so I’ve got a mix of Caribbean European pick up everything beauty when you have
like this kind of you know and different culture different backgrounds I was just
thinking about your walk and brought up in New York my family from Baghdad till
2003 and when the war said in Iraq yeah and then my life story started I think
that amount which has made me who I am now it was decision I made overnight American was teaching the city of
Fallujah I was doing dr. Baghdad and they asked who will volunteer so they
know my kind of background skills as a surgeon as a doctor I felt it’s their
duty I have to help because you feel the responsibility you feel that you can do
something you can help you can use your skills and we running the hospital
because everything fall apart we amputate all day long gather kids
children and human parts in bags at the beginning I was and then like an
auto pilot who and this is your patriotic miss your country but it comes
with sacrifice 2007 this was the high population inside Iraq and then some
secretary and killing so my dad been killed I felt numb at that time when I
went to sleep that night I cried my eyes off and then things start going down and
I was in darkest part of my life I think what claim is survived it is I’m very
strong world so I think I found in life something else I would appreciate life but that’s made me appreciate life in a
different way I appreciate the simple things in life
I’m doing couchsurfing holiday that have enough space there you can come in
January like you with a bowl just looks so how
you single I can do my own thing traveling growing as a person and all
the cliches stuff that I do today so what are you know likewise what do you
want to do mutation ships I’m at a point meaningful
yeah good friend so I can travel with and learn from make sure you subscribe
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