Oh hey, it’s Dr. Jo! We’re just doing an 80s
tribute here in the studio, and today we are going to talk about the IT band. Now the IT
band can get stiff and sore really easy, and a lot of times runners will get it, if you’re
training for a 5k or marathon. You’re IT band is on the outside of your leg, and it starts
up at your hip, and goes all the way down and it actually crosses over your knee. So
you can have hip pain, you can have knee pain, you can have anywhere in between, or all of
the above. So what we’ll do today is start off with some simple standing stretches for
the IT band, and let’s get started and do some stretches. Alright, first stretch that
I’m going to have you do is you’re just going to come up and find a wall. Maybe a little
more space than here, but this is what I’m gonna show you. Let’s say my IT band is on
my left side is the tight one. So what you’re gonna do, is you wanna be on that side, the
side that’s injured it going to be closest to the wall. You’re going to step right next
to it, and what you are going to do is take that injured side and put it behind the good
side. So it’s going to be in the back. What you want to do is try to keep that leg straight
as possible, and you want to try to keep the front leg as straight as possible. The you’re
going to push your hip towards the wall, almost like your trying to tag the wall with your
hip. You can turn your foot a little bit, that might give a little more stretch in the
IT band. So what you’re going to do it hold that stretch for 30 seconds, and you’re going
to do that 3 times. Make sure when you come back, you kind of shake it out. Let it loosen
up, and then go back behind the body, and you can even stretch it back a little, but
curl that foot over, bring that hip to the wall, and it will get you a stretch. So the
next couple of stretches we are going to do on the ground. So let’s go ahead and get down
on our backs. So what I am going to have you do now is lie down on your back, and this
is the time to get a belt or a dog leash, and what I’m going to have you do is just
put it on the bottom of your foot. You want to stretch your leg out, you don’t want to
bend the knee, keep it straight. The bring your leg up pretty high, and slowly drop that
leg across your body. You’ll be able to tell, you’ll be able to feel it. Same kind of thing,
you’ll hold that stretch for 30 seconds. The key with this one is, don’t let your whole
body go over, because that’s not going to be a good stretch. You wanna keep your hips
down, and let that leg drop over. You should feel that stretch all the way through the
outside of your leg. Good. The next one you can do, is roll over onto your side. Now the
injured leg is on top. So this is my injured side now. What you are going to do to make
sure that IT band goes over the bony part here, your going to lift your leg up and go
back, and then drop it down. So the best place to do this on the edge of your bed or the
edge of a couch or something so you can drop your leg down past the ground, and just let
it hang and relax your body, and that’s going to stretch the band out a little bit. And
the last stretch I’m going to have you do, is pull out your handy dandy noodle again.
Now we are going back to the left side. My left side is the one that’s injured. What
you are going to do, you’re going to be on your side. Start with the roll all the way
up on your hip where the IT band starts, and what you are going to do is slowly roll your
leg all the way down to your knee and back up, and that’s going to give it a really good
stretch. Lots of times people feel like this actually hurts just a little, but it’s going
to be a good stretch for that IT band. Alright, well there you have it. Those are you’re IT
band stretches. So if you like those stretches or if you love the 80s, and if you love my
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