[Music] When I look back over the
60 years or so I was with Kaiser Permanente,
it’s such a remarkable story. First and foremost,
I was a physician. And it was Dr. Sidney Garfield
that switched me from medicine into medical computing. He was my boss and I did it. And spent the rest of my
life in that field. The first several years we
developed computer programs for health testing
of individuals. And then went on to
computerize the laboratory and all the other sub-systems
in the program. We must have done something
right, I keep saying. I just love to write. And I know I write well because
I have written and published 200 articles in
peer-reviewed journals. And this is my seventh book. I sit and write most of the day. And I set a kitchen timer for 60
minutes as soon as I sit down. And when that timer goes off,
then I get up and walk up and down stairs and walk around the
hallway for several minutes. And go back and work
on the book. The Division of Research
librarians, I call them my angels because
they are so gracious, and always found somewhere, copies of the articles
that I needed. Dr. Tracy Lieu, the new director
of the Division of Research, I think she’s going to do
a great job. So I think the
Division of Research will become one of the major
medical research departments in the world. I’m most proud of being able to
have been a part of the current electronic patient
records that we have. If you asked me, what’s the most
remarkable part of my life? I just feel I was the
luckiest person.