Hi, I’m Karen Abernathy and I’m an
internal medicine primary care physician. I was a big Star Trek fan when I was
really young and so Dr. Leonard McCoy was my hero. So I always always thought that would be really cool to be a doctor and then I
found that I was good at science growing up so it just worked out. I believe that when a patient goes to
the doctor it should be a positive and relaxed experience and so many times
it’s not. People go home feeling frustrated or rushed or maybe confused about their health so I actively strive to make sure that when people come see
me, they feel comfortable with and understand their health problems. I like getting to know my patients. So, if
you’re looking for a doctor who wants to get to know you and cares about what’s
going on in your life and enjoys a good joke here and there then I think it
would be good fit for each other