A top orthopedic surgeon is in trouble with
the law after he hosted a massive MDMA sex party yes this is Andrew Scott Martin and
his wife are swingers so they like to throw swingers parties which is totally legal under
they can definitely do that however there’s a little bit of an issue when involve drugs
now there were a number of drugs found when police undercover cops went to this party
and figured out what was going on apparently they would host this is at a $3 million mansion
it sounds like a lot of fun anyway Martin is facing 10 drug chargers including 3 counts
of trafficking a controlled substance when undercover police officers arrived at the
party after the police created a covert adult website that lead them to the Martin residence
OK so just give you a sense of what they found there were a number of drugs including magic
mushrooms methamphetamines which I think was really adrenal cocaine and MDMA apparently
the undercover cop her name is Cynthia Hurtado that sounds hot attended the party yeah she
attended the party and she asked Martin for Molly to loosen up and he replied with this
panty dropping line I will get loose after I have sex with you later damn OK so I like
that among the drugs that they found more than half an ounce of marijuana boy I’m really
glad you raided that party it’s a panty raid I guess of a different sort so and I can’t
wait to see what Cynthia Hurtado looks like I know we were looking for a picture of her
but we could not find one I don’t why I find that name so erotic hello my name is Cynthia
Hurtado I have bodacious Hurtados alright you know what I’m going to say let him go
let him go they’re trying to have fun they’re a hot who would like to have sex with you
no but we need to don’t punish them for that we need to stop this party attitude just stop
there for a second just stop for a second first of all why are we wasting our resources
on this like the cops set up a website like a sexy website in order to catch people like
this please go find real criminals I’m not concerned about and MDMA fueled swingers party
I’m not concerned with that at all OK if these people want to take drugs and have sex with
one another’s wives let them do it it doesn’t impact my life it doesn�t impact anyone’s
children’s lives it’s what they’re doing for fun this is and it’s interesting because this
guy isn’t some drug trafficker or something dangerous member of the cartels in Mexico
this is just some random orthopedic surgeon who graduated from Harvard I’m not saying
where you got your education matters I’m just trying to paint the picture this is actually
a productive member of society that wants to have a little fun during his downtime who
are you to point fingers and say no you can’t have sex with that person and I know he’s
not charged with that but that was what this was all founded on to begin with like is there
any predatory sexual behavior happening here no there isn’t it’s all consensual you happened
to find a tiny amount of drugs and now you’re pressing charges against him no I can guarantee
to you why they did it the cops because finding murders and rapists and solving real crimes
that’s hard and we’ve talked an endless number of times here you go complain to the cops
in different jurisdictions when I was in Miami I got my identify stolen the cops almost laughed
me out of the building identity stolen we’ll never track that guy we got to go find some
sex parties right and so in New York a guy came into my house left this giant palm print
on my window came in and stole my stuff breaking into that’s a pretty serious crime again laughter
no they wouldn’t even send cops to look at it my car got stolen no one investigated right
but they go out of their way to set up a sting operation right to catch this orgy because
it’s so important that they might find half an ounce of marijuana in it no they’re perverts
and they wanted to do something fun right so they went out of there way spent a lot
of time to catch these hot people having sex with a tiny amount of drugs so stop wasting
tax payer money even conservatives should agree with us let them go let them have fun
they want to have orgies stop being bitter cause you didn’t get invited