My name is Laura Simpson, and I am a family
medicine physician at North Shore Medical Center. I came from Virginia; I did my school
down in Virginia and my training in North Carolina. I did work in multiple areas of
the country. I actually worked in California for a few
years, Chicago for 6 years while starting my family, and then we have been year for
about the last two years. Family medicine is really more like the old
fashioned town doctor who used to see the entire family. I think when you know the parents
you automatically understand the children better and vice versa. It’s certainly a lot
more convenient for patients. I have a lot of mothers who have rushed over
from their pediatrician’s office because they want to be tested for strep that their child
was just treated for. So, to have the option to have the whole family treated in one location
is also a lot more convenient for many people. Especially in primary care, you have to have
a good structural organization behind you. Your days are so busy, and if you have to
spend a lot of time on the phone, doing prescriptions, taking messages, doing paperwork, you can’t
see enough patients and you can’t get enough done in a day to be doing a good job.
The benefit of something like North Shore Physicians Group is that they have an electronic
medical record. They have staff, they have scheduling staff and clinical assistant staff.
They have people that do all of the busywork for you so that you have more face time with
the patients. I think it’s a personal connection, you try
to find a personal connection with patients, and I mean I work hard at establishing that
because if I am going to try and convince somebody that they need to start exercising
or that they need to stop smoking, they have to trust me. They have to want to do it for
me and for them.