– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you some lunch box ideas. And this video has been
so highly requested, so I’m so glad I’m finally
filming it for you. So, in today’s video,
I’m gonna share with you five alternatives to sandwiches for lunch, and I’m also gonna show you three lunch boxes that I really love. If you’re new to my channel, then my name is Emily, and
I’m a mum of three boys, and I would love for you to
subscribe and stick around because I post lots of videos like this, and I would love to have you as a viewer. According to the NHS in the UK, a balanced lunch box would ideally include the following foods: starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes, or pasta, protein foods like meat, fish, eggs, or beans, falafels, chick peas, a dairy item, or calcium-rich foods such as cheese or yogurts, and vegetables or salad,
and a portion of fruit. So, first off, I’m going to show you three lunch boxes that I love. There are some great lunch
boxes and bags on the market that will make packing your kids’ lunches more fun for you and the kids. So, the first one is this one by Sistema. It’s great, it has lots of compartments, a big one at the bottom
for their main meal, maybe a sandwich, something like that. And there’s two other
compartments for sides. And the final compartment has a little refillable water bottle
in it, which is great because it’s a healthier,
cheaper, and more environmentally friendly way of adding a drink to your child’s lunch box. And this whole lunch box
was just five pounds. I think it was a bit of a bargain, and I will, of course,
link all of the lunch boxes that I show you you guys in
the description down below. I also really like these lunch boxes, and I’ve seen them so many places, in supermarkets, and online as well. There’s a nice big compartment in there, and it’s also insulated, and then there’s a place for the drink on the side. And the last lunch box I wanted to show you is called a Yumbox. It’s basically a bento
box, and perfect for kids that like snacky lunches,
like my son Caleb. When you open it up, there
are little compartments that also have really
handy reminders in them of things that you should
include in the lunch box. So, there’s one that says dairy. There’s one that says
fruits, veggies, grains, and protein as well, and there’s also a little, tiny pot in the middle, which you could put a little treat into, or hummus, or dips, something like that. This lunch box is a bit more pricey, but we get so much use out of it ’cause it’s perfect for toddler lunches, but also my eldest son Fraser loves helping me to make his own lunch. With this, he gets really excited about adding the bits to the compartments. So, for my first lunch
suggestion, I’m going to show you the kind of things that we would put into this little bento box for lunch. For my first bento box,
I’m putting some rolled ham into the protein compartment,
some Ritz crackers for the grains, then I’m
putting some cucumbers and chopped up cherry
tomatoes in the veggie bit, some satsumas and blueberries
into the fruit section, and some long slices of cheese
in the dairy or calcium bit. And then the tiny bit
in the middle is perfect for a few little treats. And there you have it. I love how colorful and
exciting this lunch looks. For the next one, I thought I would show you a veggie version. So, for the protein section in this one, I’ve just added a hard-boiled egg. This is so quick and easy to do. You can just boil it while
you’re making breakfast. For the grains, I’m putting
in some breadsticks. For veggies, I’m adding sugar
snap peas and cut-up peppers. These are some of my
kids’ favorite veggies, but obviously, you can
put anything into this. And then for the fruit section,
adding chopped-up grapes and raspberries, and for
pudding, today I’m actually going to decant the yogurt
right into that compartment. This seals really well, so
you can actually do this, and then I’m gonna also
add a few raisins on top of the yogurt, just to add
a bit to the pudding, and ’cause I had them. And then for that little,
tiny one in the middle, I’m gonna put some hummus
in there for dipping. My kids love hummus and breadsticks, and it’s a great source of protein. But these are so versatile, and they don’t actually take long to do. You could just chuck your leftovers, or anything you have, just picky bits. They’re really great for
days out with the kids, or for school lunches
as well, just something a bit different to the
traditional sandwich, and something that bit more exciting. Next up, I’m gonna show you how to make these mini fritatas. These are so quick and easy to do. They’re great for breakfast or lunch. You can batch-cook them, and actually freeze them for ease as well, and you can adapt the
recipe however you want to. Add whatever you want into these, but for today, I’m gonna
fry off some red peppers, just to soften them. Then I’m also gonna add in a handful of spinach, and soften that. Then, I’m going to whisk
up about four eggs, but you could make a much
bigger batch, if you wanted to. I’ve added a tiny bit of milk, and I’m also adding in
some grated cheddar cheese. Then, I’m gonna take my
pepper and spinach mixture and add about a tablespoon
into each muffin-case thing. I’ve actually greased them so
they’ll pop out a lot easier, but you could also use muffin
case papers, if you wanted to. Then, I’m going to pour
over the eggy-cheese mixture over these, not all the way to the top, ’cause they will rise a bit. Then, I just put it into
the oven at 180 for about 10 minutes, or until they
look done, and that is it. They are so easy and so delicious. Pasta is a great
alternative to sandwiches. Leftovers is probably the easiest way to send it in with your kids, but if not, this is a
really simple pasta salad. All you have to do is take some cooked pasta and add some pesto. I’ve added two heaped teaspoons here, then I’m also gonna add
a squeeze of mayonnaise, and then you can add in any other ingredients that your kids like. I’m adding in some
veggies, and a little bit of protein as well, in the form of ham. Sweet corn, cucumbers, and tomatoes, but whatever your kids like. If they just want it plain, or if they just want ham and cheese, or if they only like
tomatoes, whatever you want. You can be really versatile with this, and it will give them
a really hearty lunch. Little wraps is another
food that my kids love. Sometimes they don’t want loads of starchy bread for lunch,
so wraps is a great one. Again, you can add pretty much
anything you want into these. Today I’m making little
roast chicken salad ones. So, I’ve put some mayo in, I’m adding some roast chicken slices,
some cucumber and salad, but as I said, you can
do anything in these. You can do hummus and chicken, or just ham and cheese if you want to. You can add anything, and what I do is actually cut it into threes. I don’t know why, but
any kind of mini food appeals more to my kids,
and it looks really cute. So, yeah, that’s another really easy one. Similar to wraps is pitta pockets. You basically just cut a pitta in half, and then add any contents that you want. Today I thought I would
show you a veggie version, so I’m adding some hummus, some falafel, and then some salad as well, but again you could put
anything into these. If your kids are fussy, and
they only want ham and cheese, or if they only want cheese
and tomato, whatever it is. And something really
cool about this is that you can actually put
these into the toaster, if you want to warm them up. Just put the sealed side down obviously, and stick it into the
toaster and it will melt, and it will kind of toast a little bit, and they’re really yummy. Right, so those are my lunch box ideas. I really hope you liked them. Please give this video a
big thumbs-up if you did, and I’ll know to make
more videos like this. Let me know in the comments
which one was your favorite. I thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you soon. ‘Bye guys!