Hi everybody, I’m Dr. David Reath.
And I’m going to talk to you about this week’s Truth-O-Meter Tuesday question.
We asked a question that I get a lot of times, either through emails or in talking with patients,
and that is how to deal with swelling after surgery–particularly something like a tummy-tuck.
And what we said was this: the use of diuretics is not a good idea for post-operative swelling.
And the answer, which everybody got correct, is True.
Diuretics have many very good uses, but they are not good for post-operative swelling,
and in fact can be very harmful because they have very little effect on the swelling and
end up making you dehydrated. Unfortunately swelling after a surgery like
this kinda has a mind of its own and it’s going to take a while to resolve.
There are some things you can do to help, such as reducing salt intake–because when
you do have a lot of salt you do tend to retain fluid.
And sometimes the compression garments will help somewhat.
But basically this is a part of the healing process and time is what’s going to take care
of your swelling. So don’t try any fancy stuff. As I tell many
people, sometimes the best thing to put on for recovery is patience.
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