– How much time do we have? – About eight minutes, but we can stop. I just have to get you to sign this. – So you’re not even curious? – About what? – About why I’m here. The lying thing, why I do that, or why I’d make something like that up? – I’m curious about
you, Marie, who you are. – That’s not what I asked. – Here’s what I think, no one makes up something like that unless there’s an element of truth to it. Whether you were raped that night or invented a story about
being raped that night, I think the truth is you’ve been violated. You’re carrying burdens
that were dumped on you by people who didn’t love you as well as you deserve to be loved. And that’s what I’m curious about, how I might help you carry those burdens a little more lightly or maybe
even lay some of them down. But this is your time. And we have a few minutes
if there’s something you want to tell me about that night, I would love to listen. (ominous music) So basically you were assaulted twice, once by your attacker,
then again by the police. – I guess. – I am so sorry, Marie. – It’s not your fault. – It’s brave of you to revisit it. That’s not easy. Thank you for trusting me. (mouse clicking) Can I ask you one thing before you go? – Okay. – Understanding that none
of this was your fault, it was a horrible situation
that was imposed on you, I wonder if there’s something
of value you can take from it. This might not be the
last time in your life that you’re misunderstood or mistrusted. I just wonder if there’s
a way to think about it, about how you might manage
this kind of injustice if it were to happen again. (ominous music) – Okay, I know I’m supposed to say if I had to do if over, I wouldn’t lie. But the truth is, I would
lie earlier and better. – Recognize everyone? – Yeah, we know them. – I would just figure it
out on my own, by myself. – All right, well you let us know when you get into that hard drive. – Wait, hang on. There’s one more. – No matter how much someone
says they care about you, they just don’t. Not enough. I mean, maybe they mean to or they try to, but other things end up
being more important. – He reused this one a bunch, so the quality’s pretty degraded. But there are eight
pictures he that he deleted, but didn’t overwrite yet. There’s someone else. (ominous music) – So yeah, I guess I’d start with that. Lying. ‘Cause even with good people, even with people that you can kinda trust, if the truth is inconvenient, if the truth doesn’t fit, they don’t believe it. – Who is that? – She looks 12. – Even if they really care about you, they just, they just don’t. (ominous music)