(solemn guitar) – I’m Pam Volz. I live in Frisco. My husband, Greg, has been
in ministry for 45 years. We travel, and I love that. I’ve gotten to go with him,
literally, all over the world. I was sitting in the living room. I thought I had eaten
something that didn’t agree, and I began to get some pain, just kind of in my lower throat, and I thought, “Oh, I’m gonna
have a little indigestion.” And within a few seconds
it went from here, all the way down, and
then it went into my back all the way down the same, and I felt like I was being crushed. I knew when the EMT guys got there. They hooked me up to the EKG, and they said, “We have to
get her to the hospital now.” – As soon as the ambulance got here, we all got into action,
and worked as a team. As we were getting the patient
ready for the cath lab, her heart stopped. It actually stopped three times
within a 10 minute period. – The cath lab team gets
activated, including myself, and this is where time is an
emergent type of situation. – I knew the way she
looked that she was sick, and we had to go proceed fast. – So, in this case, when
you use three stints, one going down the, what
we call the side branch, and then two going up the main vessel. So, you can see, after
balloons and stints, I’ve reconstructed this
branch point, blockage area, and restored the blood flow. (laughing together) – [Pam] He put the stints
in, and the pain went away. – Once Dr. Krock opened it
up, Pamela was pain free, and we saved her life. – Her prognosis, for this
type of heart attack, is excellent. – I love Medical City Frisco. I couldn’t have had better care. Everyone, every attendant, every nurse, everyone who took care
of me was wonderful. – It’s emotional, and
exciting, and very gratifying when so many people are involved, and it’s such an amazing outcome. You just feel lucky to be part of it. – [Pam] We’re actually
going on a little trip to Cabo San Lucas in a few days, and Dr. Krock said, “You don’t
have to live in a bubble.” He said, “We want you
to have a full life.” I think I still have
a lot of life to live, and I’m grateful to
have that second chance. www.medicalcityfrisco.com/heart