MDR for a day involves other hospital
staff spending a half day in medical device for processing to see all the
behind the scenes work that happens to get reusable medical devices ready and
safe to use on the next patient A few years ago I realized I have no idea
where this Medical Device Reprocessing unit is and how it works
and so when the opportunity came up I took advantage of it
also too because the operating room now reported to me so it gave me even more
incentive to really try to understand how the whole system comes together You have to have attention to detail right because – You’re always monitoring everything Everything you’re doing…you’re wrapping or cleaning or doing something You’re always looking for anything that’s damaged I think reactions we typically get are
oh my god I didn’t know you have 14,000 square feet of space
down here, I didn’t know you employ 60 staff, I didn’t know you’re open 24/7, I
didn’t know you walk things right into the operating room –Do you have to be a
clean freak to work down here? –YES! We think that it’s just like doing dishes
but it’s it’s not it’s very thorough and many steps are involved in making sure
the instrument is ready to go So it’s really great to know that our
radiologists and interventionalists can assume that the instruments are clean
and ready to be used –What’s your favorite part about your job? –Actually I like it. It’s rotating so you get to learn everything all the time. It’s always something new. Nobody knows everything, we all help each other, we have a great team. It’s important to realize that these supplies just don’t magically make their way to
you. That there are complex processes, accountabilities, data and rigorous
standards that ensure that these are the safest possible devices that get to the
patient and to see that first hand is reassuring as a former provider,
my background is nursing, but also as someone who is responsible delivering
patient care to see the excellence and the pride that this team has is really I think speaks to the mission of the hospital and the values that this
team brings to patient care. I think participants are often surprised
at all the behind the scenes work that happens, the scope and size of the
department, the vast number of medical devices that do come through here and
the knowledge and the care that the staff take in their daily work.