as I posed the same question in the
morning and I was asked to ask the question to dr. zakir naik the three
questions actually the first one is Islam says on the day
of Qiyamah rwh (soul) will rise to reach Allah can you explain
the rwh in scientific terms or in consciousness being a doctor I think you
should be in a position to enlighten me brother asked the question that in Islam it says
that on the day of Qiyamah the rwh will raise what is rwh? he wants to explain scientific terms
rwh if you translate means soul Allah says in the Quran in surah al-e-imran chapter number
3, verse number 185 Allah says every soul shall have
a taste of death the Arabic word rwh is translated as soul in terms of
science can I explain scientifically the concept of soul say human being is
normally made up of a body their life and soul without soul human being is as
good as dead therefore Quran says that in the sleep and the sleep the rwh goes
away and comes back physically the human being is living he’s living it’s
somewhat like a taste of death no there it is like you know when you sleep your
rwh goes away the person is physically alive in scientific terminology in
scientific terminology death is as a doctor cessation of life we says your heartbeat
stops if your brain stops you are dead Islam doesn’t agree with the scientific
meaning therefore Allah says death will come to you in Islam death is a thing it
is not cessation of life as a doctor in medical terminology death is cessation of
life heartbeat stops brain stops ECG flat man is dead in
Islam Allah says in surah mullk chapter number 67 verse number 2 Allah says Allah has created death and life to test which of you is good in deeds
so death is a creation it is not cessation of life in scientific
terminology if life is dead is dead in Islam it’s not like that and Allah says in the
hadith on the day of judgment Allah will get the death and he will destroy it
means after this world is finished in the Hereafter they would be nothing like that
it will be destroyed so that is how we differ between science and Islam and one thing
to be noted brother that science has not reached so far it can describe
everything because Allah subhana WA Ta’ala is the creator he is the khaliq he
is far superior than the best scientist of the world he is our Creator he is the
best scientist of the universe and I have given the talks on Quran and modern
science and have proved in that talk that this Quran is not a book of science
it’s a book of signs it’s a book of ayats there are more
than 6,000 ayats 6,000 signs in the glorious Quran out of which more than a
thousand speak about signs though it’s not a book of science many things told
in this Quran 1400 years back science has come to know recently 50 years back hundred years back
200 years back it speaks about the creation of the universe universe the Big Bang science came
to know recently it speaks at the earth is spherical in shape which we came know
recently it speaks the light of the moon is reflected light it speaks about
botany that the plants are made in sexes male and female it speaks about creations
and human means created from water it speaks about geology speaks about
biology about embryology and on and on more than a thousand verses what the
Quran speaks about science whatever the Quran says about some things 80%
has been proved to be a hundred percent correct 80 percent the remaining
20% is ambiguous neither right neither wrong what my
logic says when eighty percent is 100% correct the remaining 20% is ambiguous not
even point one percent proved to be wrong neither right neither wrong what I say
inshAllah God willing that 20% will be right so Quran talks about heaven which
science has been discovered Quran speaks about life after death which science hasn’t discovered
Quran speaks about jinn which science has not discovered Quran talks about
rwh science hasn’t discovered so human being is made up Allah says he has
put the rwh in the human being so its scientific terminology we know about the
body science hasn’t reached far to talk about the rwh
therefore I’m telling you that science doesn’t talk about rwh maybe after 50 years 100 years later
200 years later science didn’t speak about Big Bang they came to know recently but Quran mentioned
1400 years ago so scientifically science has not advanced so far to talk about rwh
but today science tells us that when animal dies there is no loss of weight
but when a human being dies immediately when it dies it loses it’s weight so some
scientists have said that this loss of weight can be attributed to soul animals have no soul I am
NOT talking about later on when there’s Eiger mortis and all but immediately when human being dies there is immediate
loss of weight so scientists say it can be this loss of weight is because the rwh goes away so
this rwh is the main Allah says as blowing the rwh into every human being
it is the soul scientifically we cannot describe it is the word of Allah it is a
rwh so scientifically this body will die Allah says in this world we come we
die again we’ll be resurrected on the Day of Judgment we will be resurrected we’ll
come back to life so main thing is the rwh that is there so depending upon the
good and the bad deeds you do if you follow the commandments of
Almighty God you go to Jannah if you don’t follow the commandments
if your bad deeds are more you go to Jahannam Hellfire
so this rwh is the main thing which is there which science so
far hasn’t described because science is not that advanced hope the
answer of the question. do you have a related question I think there needs an
explanation ok then how do you experience within the body if you can’t
explain scientifically at least tell me what does it do to your body somewhere
you can experience the goodness of this particular
which makes a difference the brother has aked the question you can
experience if you can experience how can you not prove scientifically brother
many things we can experience which we can’t speak scientifically so I gave you a
full talk to prove that.. has to be subjective like- I am a not blindly believing in
soul it is a logical belief and I have told you scientifically that what the
Quran says I’m not blindly believing in in hell but you tell me how can you
prove scientifically about hell I can’t how can you scientifically prove about
heaven if you can’t prove it doesn’t exist so what am I tell you brother I am a
student of science I am a medical doctor by profession many things science
has an advanced because the doctors don’t know so what is
soul Allah said is the main thing of the human being this soul will
go and that will the main thing in the hereafter so what we have to do brother
in this world is to follow the commandments of Allah subhana WA Ta’ala if you follow the
commandments of Allah (swt) the next life in the next life we go to Jannah if you don’t
follow if you disobey you will go to janam okay you are talking about cardiac arrest and the
brain death right now brother you are talking about cardiac arrest and
brain death see again you are asking me some things of medical science are you a
medical doctor? you are a medical doctor. fine in cardiac arrest and brain death there’s
something like not exactly my point comes up from there itself you say a
cardiac arrest a person dies and you say I never say that no no no did i say that
you didn’t say but why you putting words in my mouth
I never said that in cardiac arrest you have to die, you may die or may not die. I
am a doctor and you being a doctor but my point is when a
person has a cardiac arrest if we revive him couple of minutes time he
survives but what is that makes a difference that’s exactly my question is
now now what you’re talking about is suspended animation exactly. you are
doctor speak about suspended animation …. … brother have
asked the question let me reply see question should be short the answer is
there you ask a question let me give you the reply
you are talking about cardiac arrest you know in cardiac arrest we see the pulse is gone Ecg is
gone we try to revive we pump the heart we put up a ..Ventricular he may come
back we are trying to revive so therefore Islamically he hasn’t died but
medical terminology if the brain is flat ECG cell is dead so how can science
how can he be revived so that’s what we say that science is limited many times the
person is revived even after 5-10 minutes we know cases as medical doctors that people have been
revived after 10 20 minutes right or no so Islamically is not dead Islamically he
is not dead the rwh is there medically we can say okay EEG is flat
ECG is flat the brain is not functioning it is brain death many a times a person
goes in coma brain death but he is living heart is pumping brain death
so we say brain death that’s a medical terminology but the person
is at living if he is not dead only brain has died so today when we say
medically the brain should stop functioning heart should stop functioning pulse
should not beat and we have got 10 criterias it keeps on changing the
definition of death keeps on changing therefore in Islamic terminology
that is not the same as medical death death is not the same death
is a creation of Allah (swt) you know Hindi we say ( moth Aati Hai)
death has come is what death has come in scientific terminology it is
garbage death doesn’t come when life ceases death is there but it is right in
the hadith and the Quran say death comes death comes means it is not only
absence of the living functions in Islamic terminology it is far superior
to that death means the soul has gone away and it may include
cessation of heart then the brain stopped functioning
EEG /ECG is flat that is one of the criteria so therefore I say death according to
science and death according to Islam differs so that is the beauty of Islam when it
talks and soul is the key the soul yet remains the human body dies
yes Thank You for agreeing no no that’s exactly where I was trying to bring you
down to now the question is does this soul get into the body on the day of
Qiyamah and raise it that was the main question I think now this please
answer that AAhh simple question if you can go back and see the cassette your
question was different your question was scientifically can you say what is rwh and then in the ending
you say does this soul get into the body so that was a part which I thought was not that important what you
said scientifically proved the soul what is soul and you gave a okay find a basic question is
does the soul enters the body simple question. several verses in the Quran, now I go
to the background because maybe we will not be having knowledge about the Quran
says yes the soul goes into the body now you will ask what body? body has
disintegrated people are buried body has gone disintegrated
some people are burned Hindus are burned muslims are buried we have been dust
Allah gives the reply in surah Qiyamah chapter number 75 verse number three to four
Allah says when they ask you that how will Allah subhana WA Ta’ala be able to
reconstruct the bones on the day of judgment Allah gives the reply tell them Allah
can not only reconstruct the bones he can even reconstruct the very
fingertips the science tells us it was Sir Francis golden in eternity who discovered the fingerprinting
method and said that no two fingerprints even in a million people identical so Allah is talking
in reconstructing the body reconstructing bones
he can even reconstruct in perfect order the very fingertips so this is the reply
Allah gives he can reconstruct and the soul will put and his hisab kithab (reckoning ) on the day of
judgment Allah says in surah al-imran I’ll just complete the ayat which are
quoted surah Al- Imran chapter 3 verse number 185 every soul shall
have a taste of death but the final recompense will be on the day of
judgement all those who have entered jannah and say from the Hellfire
they have achieved the objective of this world for this world is nothing but
plain amusement hope the answer of the question you