[Kathy Hoyne] My name is Kathy Hoyne, and I am the
program director here at Mount Aloysius College. The medical laboratory field is
a great field for students who really want a healthcare career but, may not
want to do what we call direct patient care. Laboratorians work more behind the
scenes, providing information and data to physicians and clinicians, so that they
are able to make diagnosis and treatment decisions for their patients. [Domonique Oyola] We give the
physicians and the doctors the information to help diagnose the
patients. It’s helping the doctors understand what’s wrong with the patient
and being able to diagnose them in the correct way. [Margo Pringle] With an associate’s degree,
you can get out into the work field faster, and then decide how far you do
want to go. [Kathy Hoyne] The medical laboratory technician program at Mount Aloysius
College is unique in that our faculty have so much experience in the outside
world, and in laboratory medicine. [Courtney Metz] It’s really helpful to have such a small
class to help each other. [Domonique Oyola] It’s not like when you’re sitting at a big school, and
there’s like a hundred students in the classroom, and you go to the teacher and
ask them for help, and they don’t even know what class you’re in, and what your
name is, or what your grade is; here everything is personal. [Kathy Hoyne] We can gauge the students needs, and work with them on an individual basis to help them achieve
their educational goals. [Margo Pringle] Here, I really feel that we’re cared about- that our
education is important not only to us and our families, but our instructors
also, that they are invested in us. [Domonique Oyola] Our advisor is amazing, she’s like a mom. So
she’s always there through every step of the way with everything. [Kathy Hoyne] the students
learn to do real laboratory tests just like they would be doing in the hospital
when they get on to the clinical phase, and they practice those and gain
proficiency in those before they move on into the clinical practical phase. [Courtney Metz] we learn a lot about immunology and hematology, microbiology, and chemistry.
[Domonique Oyola] If you like science this is a great field, because you get to work with all
of that. [Kathy Hoyne] The job market is very good for medical laboratory technicians. The US
Bureau of Labor and Statistics lists it as expected to grow much faster than
usual. This is a great field to get into right now because there is turnover in
the field from technicians and technologists that are getting older
and there are limited applicants to fill the jobs that these people are going to
be leaving. There’s a lot of opportunity as an MLT for different types of jobs. Our graduates in the medical laboratory technician program here at Mount
Aloysius College have been very successful in the job market. A medical
laboratory technician degree from Mount Aloysius College can open the door to an
exciting & rewarding career in the healthcare field.