If you are not 18+ then skip this section Today I am taking you to medical store near my apartment We will see the cost of general medicines over there In the first few days I had to get my immunization (vaccination) done The cost will be around $20, $40 or free depending on your Health Insurance Because my immunization wasn’t complete in India, so I had to get my 2-5 immunization done here and that was also for free So what happened next was that he said my fever will be cured with Tynelol or Paracetamol But wasn’t fixed with pain killer so I had to eat antibiotics that I brought from India This tells one thing that you can pack Antibiotics in your backup while coming to India but only with Prescription So that they don’t think you are bringing medicines to sell over here I will take permission to make a video and then I will start recording Whatever you can see here can be bought without prescription and for the remaining drugs you will require prescription even for sleeping pills Tear drops are also common to prevent irritation in your eyes If you are not 18+ then skip this section Vicks Vapo rub that used during fever and cold. That we put on throat and forehead costs around $3.5 ro $5 There were a lot of people at this time