Did you know, being a doctor is nothing like
the TV show Greys Anatomy? I know! Shocking isn’t it? Also, not quite as shocking, is once you’re
a doctor there are heaps of different pathways and specialities you can go down Just like general surgeon So if you’re a patient and you need an operation,
the general surgeon, along with a whole team of highly skilled staff, is the person who
cuts you open, messes around with your insides and quite possibly saves your life. Being a general surgeon is not just about
the operation They meet with patients, examine them, determine
if they need an operation and explain risks and procedures There’s also post-operative care, making
sure the patient is progressing well, and maintaining records Today we’re chatting with Dr Chandra to
see what it feels like to save someone’s life Dr Chandra Hi Jesse, nice to meet you Look, I want to find out what it’s like
to be a general surgeon keen for a chat? Fantastic let me show you around Beauty So much equipment! I’m afraid I’ll break
something No fear of that, Jesse what would you like
to know Well first up, what exactly is a general surgeon? So a general surgeon is a surgeon, well, once
upon a time we were all general surgeons but slowly what’s happened is we’ve divided
up into different parts of the body, different sub-specialties But true general surgeons are a combination
of surgeon who operates but also physician to do medical management on the wards and
that’s what makes general surgery so challenging Why’d you choose to be a general surgeon?
I chose general surgery because I get to see people on the worst day of their lives and
hopefully we can actually change that, we can actually remove tumours, we can fix emergency
situations, we can make people better very, very quickly which is incredibly rewarding Well you mentioned the emergency department
and that sort of thing, what is the most challenging part of the job? Look it gets very scary because you can see
people who are very sick and are very unstable to operate on; you could be working around
very large blood vessels where a millimetre error in either direction and that could be
the end And things don’t always go according to
plan. Some people get complications, you have people
who have issues, you have people who don’t do as well after surgery as you would like
and that can be really quite challenging Wow now I can see there’s heaps of equipment
around us now can you take me through just a typical day So a typical day would start with a ward round
where we go and check all of the in-patients and make sure that they’re doing well, then
we’ll usually go to my clinic and I’ll see patients who have had surgery or need
to have surgery, we’ll have surgery in the afternoon and deal with emergencies towards
the end of the day Sounds like a pretty intense day Yeah it can get crazy Well Dr Chandra I think it’s time for the
edge are you ready? We’re ready So first one, what characteristics does someone
need to be a general surgeon So they need to be technically quite good
with their hands, they need to be able to physically get things done but more than that
is they need to be good at decision making, they need to be able to talk to people and
to listen to what they have to say so those parts of the job are probably harder than
the actual surgery itself is just chatting to people and making sure they know whats
going to happen Now can you list from school to today, what
someone needs to do to get where you are These days you don’t need to do any particular
subject at school, you can choose whatever you want to do and then you have to do an
undergraduate degree and that can be anything you like and then you have to sit an exam
called the GAMSAT which is a general aptitude test and then you have to have an interview
and hopefully one of the medical faculties you want to take accept you
4-5 years of medicine and you become a junior doctor 5 more years of training, a nasty exam
at the end of that and then you become a surgeon Then you get the white coat and the stethoscope Pretty much, yes Ok so lastly, if you could give one piece
of advice to people thinking about moving into medicine or general surgeon, what would
that be? I think it would be to just talk to people
early, If you’ve got that idea that you want to be a surgeon, general, orthopaedic,
whatever, come along and talk to one of us and we’ll be more than happy to spend some
time Awesome, thanks so much for the chat Dr Chandra Not a problem Do you have anything I can wear maybe? Absolutely come with me and we’ll make that
happen for you Awesome lets do it Well if you’re patient, self-disciplined
and able to work in a high pressure situation then maybe general surgeon is the career for
you and remember whatever stage you’re at in your career, head to the careers centre
website for investigation, exploration and planning your next step Ok, here we go, this is happening Ok, nope, no way Authorized by the government of Western Australia, Perth.