Hi, I’m Dr. Patrick Kunkler, and I’m an
Occupational Medicine Physician at St. Elizabeth. I grew up on a dairy farm an hour north of
Dayton. We were just busy all the time farming, milking
cows twice a day. I had sick grandparents, and my grandmother,
the first one to get sick, she had cancer for seven years and watched her fight with
that for seven years so, I always just wanted to be able to help. Chose family practice, and I did that for
fourteen years. Then I’ve been at Business Health for fourteen
years here, now. I’ve found a lot of things that interest
me in Business Health, so I’m glad I made the move. At Business Health, we partner with companies
to try to make the work environment as safe and healthy as possible. Being able to be sure that people are safe
enough to work, so they don’t hurt themselves and hurt other people, ‘cause a lot of what
we do I look at more as a safety evaluation. Can the people really do the job so they’re
not gonna hurt anyone? I want them to be able to – everyone that
they’re with and themselves – to be able to go home to family and friends at night.