Hi, I’m Dr. Viral Patel. I’m a Primary Care Physician with St. Elizabeth. I grew up locally in Grant County, so I spent
most of my childhood years in Williamstown. I did my undergraduate at Transylvania in
Lexington. I went to medical school in Pikeville, and
then I came back and did my residency here with St. Elizabeth Family Medicine. Knowing that I wanted to come back home and
return somewhere in Northern Kentucky to practice, St. Elizabeth Family Medicine, the residency
program, has always been an excellent program with high regards, and I felt like that was
the best suited program for me. I chose family medicine partly because one
of my greatest influencers was my family physician growing up, and I was fortunate enough to
join him after residency, so it’s been great. I love my patients. You get a different view of the world, and
it’s more of a relationship for them. It’s a bond with their physician. I think the most rewarding part of my job
is being present, being there for them, being able to provide, not just advice or counseling,
but to take care of them for minor things, the immediate fixes, but then also help them
through challenging medical issues.