What I like most about being a physician is
getting to meet all kinds of people, listening to their stories and listening to their concerns
I love listening to what makes them happy and hopefully they trust me enough to help
them with their health because with good health then they can continue to do what they love
to do. A patient should choose UC San Diego Health
because at UC San Diego Health we look at you not as a disease or a condition but as
a unique special individual with personal concerns and health care goals and we feel
privileged to be part of your health care team and helping you achieve those goals. Prior to joining UC San Diego Health, I had
experience in the military, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. I’ve had two deployments in afghanistan,
one deployment to Iraq, one to Oman. One of the unifying things I’ve learned from
those experiences is the importance of preventive care and how it affects families from children
all the way to adults and how important it is that with good prevention you can maintain
good quality of life and preventing complications down the road. The most satisfying part of the my is when
I see that a patient is happy about the health care that they’ve received and that they’re
confident that they’ll be able to continue living life in good health