I’m a full-spectrum family doc, so I
provide care for all ages including maternity care. And I really make a point
to truly listen to you and make sure that you’re involved in the care plans, so
that we can do shared decision-making and make sure that you’re comfortable
with the care going forward. I think the big thing is that people don’t operate in a vacuum and we see people in their greater social context and I feel like
that’s a really huge benefit when I know what you do for work, what your kids are
up to, all of that informs how I do care for you every single day and those
longitudinal relationships are so powerful. I do a lot of education and
what we call motivational interviewing to help you make behavior change and achieve your health care goals. Yo hablo español tambien. I am part of an amazing team of family medicine physicians who are specially trained to provide care in low-risk pregnancy from childbirth to postpartum and beyond. As a family doc, I’m so fortunate to be able to check in with my moms while we are
doing the well-baby exams. So when we’re making sure the newborn is gaining
weight appropriately, I’m also checking in with you to see how is your mood, how
is the feeding going, are you getting any sleep, are they getting any sleep and it
just makes so much sense the seamless continuity of care of being able to take
care of the mom and baby together. The long-term relationships with my patients are by far the most satisfying part of my job. Being able to take care of
patients during the biggest joys of their life and also helping navigate the
hard parts is so valuable. Nothing beats that feeling of when patients feel like they can take control of their lives and I can empower them to manage a chronic
condition or feel better after an acute illness. It just continues to reinforce
for me that this work is my calling.