My name is Matthew Meunier and I’m an
orthopedic surgeon as my primary specialty and I have an added sub
qualification in hand and upper extremity surgery. My approach to patient
care is generally collaborative there are some injuries that we take care of
where surgery really is either the best option or the only option to gain a good
outcome and in those cases we will discuss it at length as to what my plan
is but this is something that I would feel strongly about guiding patients
toward surgery. The majority however are things that have a lot of non-surgical
treatments that really need to be explored prior to going to surgery and
so it becomes a collaborative event with the patients discussing what treatment
options they’d like why surgery sometimes becomes important and if we do
ultimately go to surgery what we’re gonna do at surgery and then the time
course afterwards and what we expect the recovery to be. Well a lot of what I do
like is the ability to get people who are having difficulty going back to the
things that they want to do and getting them back to them. You know sometimes we get people back to their prior level of function and sometimes we can just
improve on on where they currently are and that can be a variety of things. My
practice goes all the way up to the shoulder so we do things like total
shoulder replacements for older patients we do elbow reconstructions in the
baseball players and then there are a lot of hand injuries that we take care
of that that make it difficult for people to get back to what they want to
be able to do. There are I think great benefits to being in an academic medical
center, things like taking care of a professional sports team allow us to be
aware of cutting-edge techniques and techniques that we can use to try and
get people back as quickly as possible. And it’s not just the surgical
techniques it’s the rehabilitation techniques and it’s the other aspects of
recovery that go into the complete experience of surgery rather than just
the technical aspects in the operating room. The other part is also it is a lot
of fun from a physician’s standpoint to take care of a group of people who are
so highly motivated to get back into sports that they’re playing and so it’s
a lot of fun being involved with the team and taking care of the team at a
professional level.