Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, founder of draxe.com
and doctor of natural medicine. In this video I’ll be training you on the
top benefits of milk thistle and how to use it and the best forms to use it in, all as
part of this training video. And really milk thistle is an incredible herb/weed
that’s been shown to detoxify the body. It’s also been shown to benefit and fight
diabetes, cancer, neurological illness, liver disease, and a whole lot more, as you’re about
to see. So, first let’s cover what is it and then
I’m going to go over exactly how to use it. First thing, it’s a natural herb that has
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. We know antioxidants protect the body. We know that, also, reducing inflammation
helps fight disease. In fact, listen to this, most diseases are
inflammatory in nature. Rheumatoid arthritis is inflammation of your
joints. Ulcerative colitis is inflammation of your
colon. Anything with an “-itis” at the end, in Latin,
means inflammation. Milk thistle reduces inflammation. Another unique fact about milk thistle is
that it grows mostly in warm climates throughout North America. So, actually it’s grown in the largest amounts
in California. That tends to be where it’s harvested and
then turned into supplements. But also, I know throughout the Midwest, throughout
the South, in fact, in my home state of Tennessee, milk thistle grows all over the place. And a lot of people don’t realize but it’s
actually a weed, but it’s medicine at the same time. So, another great thing about milk thistle
is it actually contains a compound called Silymarin. And this compound has been shown to detoxify
the liver. Now, think about all the toxins you’re exposed
to on a daily basis, from pesticides in our food supply, hormones in our food supply,
radiation from air planes, cell phones, computer screens, phone screens. We are bombarded with toxins and environmental
pollutants every single day. The good news is that milk thistle helps detoxify
your liver, which is something really everybody needs. Another thing you need to know about milk
thistle is that it’s typically turned into an extract and a powder. So, most the time it’s taken in capsule form. Sometimes you can also take it in liquid form. But again, the benefits of milk thistle, one
here as well, is it actually helps with regeneration in the body. So, cellular regeneration, an incredible benefit
there. So the first big benefit of milk thistle is,
again, it supports detoxification of the liver and your liver needs all the help it can get,
as we talked about, from environmental pollutants and the chemicals in our food supply. Also, it’s powerful at cancer prevention. In fact, listen to this. In one medical study, actually it was shown
to help regenerate the liver. Absolutely incredible. We know that a lot of cancer today is caused
by toxicity. So, milk thistle, by detoxing the body, it
helps prevent cancer. And also, by acting as an antioxidant, it
protects the body against cancer. Third big benefit is it controls diabetes. The rates of diabetes are soaring, both type
2, type 1, and often times referred to type 3 diabetes, diabetes with dementia and Alzheimer’s
disease. But we know that we want to keep insulin balance
in the body. And if insulin gets imbalanced it can cause
fatigue, it can cause weight gain and body fat storage. In order to combat that, you want to take
milk thistle every single day and the typical recommended dose is 150mgs once to twice daily
of milk thistle. But again, in clinical studies, it’s been
shown to help balance diabetes. Also again, in using it, you typically want
to take it in supplement form. Again, 150mgs a day, capsules or tablets are
both great, or a liquid form. And again, you want to look for one where
it says it has a certain amount of Silymarin, which is the active compound that’s so beneficial
in milk thistle. Now, you can also take it in tea form. And this is one of my favorite ways to get
milk thistle in my diet. Now, you can actually buy the tops. Here you’ll see milk thistle typically has
a bright purple leaf as its head and you can actually boil it in water or you can just
get bags of tea and drink that throughout the day. Now I love making a detox tea where I mix
milk thistle tea along with a little bit of lemon juice. You can also add in some other detoxifying
herbs such as artichoke or bupleurum, which are famous in Chinese medicine, dandelion
also works, and make a full-on detox tea, is great for your health. So remember these big benefits of milk thistle,
number one liver detoxification, number two cancer prevention, number three helps control
diabetes. The best forms are in a capsule form or a
tea form. And you want to take 150mgs once to twice
daily and by doing so, you’re protecting your body, you’re cleansing and regenerating your
liver, and it’s going to help take your health to the next level here as well. By the way, if you’ve enjoyed this live training
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