Sunshine it’s time for your annual checkup You’re ready to go cleerly not. Come on sunshine. You know what has to be done uhhh… Nice try. uhh! uhh! uh. There’s my exercise for the day Hi kitty (off screen) sunshine next. Hey, where’s sunshine? Sunshine. Uh? Can i get some help here? Hey sunshine. Look what I got! (Mugman) Well, that works Alright, ahh let’s begin with this throat ahhh! Well His, uh hiss seems to be okay? Now? Let’s take a look at his claws Hmm. Yeah, there are a little bit long let me trim him Yeah, all right now finally the vaccinations (noise) Wasn’t so bad was it sunshine Okay, maybe it was. okay sunshine. We’ll see ya in a year. You know maybe once a year is too much