My name is John Barr. I’m in the Department of Neurosurgery. I deal with patients that
typically are 18 years and older. And that can vary from our degenerative
conditions which can include back pain, disc herniations,
deformities such as scoliosis. The unfortunate events of trauma
always will need our assistance. Minimally invasion spine approaches
are fantastic in terms of time in the hospital, shorter operation,
less risk, back to work. Back to functioning status. All have shown improvement in
regards to patient outcomes. I try to understand my patient,
what do they enjoy? What are they in terms
are trying to get back to? What have they been limited to? That’s your ultimate goal is to try to get
them back to their passions in life and their ability to contribute. Being debilitated by his spinal
conditions can be quite limiting. I’ll always try to emphasize my
practice in terms of my patients, as what is best for them, and not just
fitting them down a certain pathway. Every patient fits a unique
pathway that’s best fit for them in terms of their recovery,
surgical intervention. Therefore, we always try to
individualize our practice. Finding the best way to get them
a measure of help is what we try to do.