[Offering sound advice and
an empathetic ear] [Physician Wellness] Physicians are often worried about calling. I mean, often I’ll actually get a
physician saying to me, “I’m sorry to bother you this doesn’t seem like
an important question.” And I try to make sure that they understand
every question is important. We get lots of questions. Many of which sound the
same, but the answers are often quite different. So, I would try to reassure physicians
that they can call in at any time, because that’s our role; it’s to help them. So, if a physician had some reservations
or hesitation about calling the CMPA, I’d advise them that there’s certainly
no judgment on our end. We get it. When they call in they often don’t know
that an issue could evolve, or they worry that it could evolve but it actually won’t. They just need to worry about explaining
the clinical side of the case so that I can understand what’s happened
from their perspective and help them work through
what the next step might be. First thing I want a physician to know
is that they’re not infallible, that it is possible to be a bright conscientious individual
and still make a mistake. I think the most difficult call that I will get is when a
physician is worried that they made a mistake. They’ll call and sometimes they take on more
responsibility for the complication or the adverse outcome than maybe is necessary. So, when they call with that type of a difficult scenario,
I will try to help them feel supported. You might not believe this and you and your colleagues
probably don’t talk about this, but there are many of your colleagues, many of your compatriots, many of your contemporaries
who’ve likely been the subject of a complaint as well. And so it isn’t something to be ashamed about. I try to remind them of the good work that they do every
day in order that they can learn from the situation and be able to continue practising medicine
in a way that makes them proud. [CMPA Offering caring and
meaningful support to our members.] [CMPA Empowering better healthcare]