Unlike animals and humans, microorganisms
that cause disease are encapsulated by a cell wall that is weak in the presence of oxygen
and especially ozone. It is because of this that ozone therapy works so well. In fact
a lot of their cell wall structure is similar to that of the structure of a latex glove.
And check out in this video what ozone therapy does to a latex glove. As you can see the
latex glove is obliterated by the ozone gas produced by the ozone generator and yet my
hand is left unharmed. That is what happens at a microscopic level to the microorganisms
that cause disease thanks to ozone therapy. That is only the first part of ozone therapy.
The second part is intaking oxygen in a more readily available form which is ozone. It
is then dispersed throughout your body and your oxygen concentration goes up which detoxifies
your body and also gives you more energy. Going back in time there was a Jewish Scientist
named Otto Warburg. He lived in Nazi Germany. He won the Nobel Prize Twice for his studies
on Cancer. In fact Hitler did not persecute him because he feared he would get cancer.
Otto Warburg noted that there was no disease including cancer that could live in the presence
of abundant oxygen. That is the importance of ozone concentration in your body and he
didn’t even know the benefits of ozone therapy yet. Did you know that meat packing companies
sterilize their meat with ozone. Because the know ozone kills the pathogens but doesnt
do anything to harm the meat. Now imagine this. You can Use this ozone in your own home
if you learn to use an ozone generator. Imagine being able to wash your skin and rid yourself
of the bacteria that cause acne. You can get rid of bloodborne pathogens by giving yourself
ear insufflations or rectal or vaginal insufflations. Imagine getting rid of colds and viruses by
breathing ozonated oils that can only be breathed through oil. Imagine purifying and deodorizing
your air with the use of ozone. You can also prolong the life of your fruits by preventing
decontamination of the bacteria that cause it by washing your fruits with ozonated water.
Or you can apply ozone gas to tonail fungus or athletes foot or any other fungus. You
can suck on ozonated ice to get rid of a sore throat. You can use it in oils and gases to
get rid of pathogens in or on your body. You can use it in ozonated water to distribute
oxygen and energy to your body. How about emergency preparedness. You can use it to
purify your water. I will post in this video and in the details below a link to a website
where you can purchase an ozone generator that will work well with all the things I
listed before. They will teach you to do it included in the price of the ozone generator.
When I learned to use an ozone generator it was 4000 dollars just for the class itself
so it’s really a great value. Well I hope you liked this video. Don’t forget to like
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