Hey Pitt, good morning, My name is Alexa. I’m a first year student with the Physician Assistant Studies program and
I’ll be joining you on Snapchat today. So it’s a pretty cold day in Pittsburgh
today, but Cathy is looking beautiful as usual. Okay so fun fact: our campus is not
located on main campus, but we’re located over in Harmar at a place called UPARC. A huge pro to having our program over in Harmar over in UPARC is that we’ve got free
parking, which is something not really easy to come by in Pittsburgh. The nice
thing about this free parking is that it means that everyone in our class can
live in different areas of Pittsburgh and commute, like I live in South Side.
All right so we’re going to head out for the day – my ride is here, Amanda. Hey guys, you can definitely snap us
questions throughout the day and we will try our best to answer them when we get them. Hi, I’m Kara. Our entering class has 44 students; 38 are female and 6 are male.
Hi, I’m Jessica. Our class has 21 in-state and 23 out-of-state, with 50 states
represented, and shout out to Texas. Our entering class had an average of 76 hours of PA
shadowing and 2100 hours of direct patient care. Once I found out I got
into Pitt’s PA program, I looked online and found Kara and asked her to be my roommate. Currently we live in Highland Park, right next to the Pittsburgh Zoo.
you’re accepted into the program a lot of the students make a Facebook group so
you can find roommates, housing, and different areas to live in Pittsburgh. Alright, we’re almost at campus. There’s UPARC. Hi, I’m Sara, and this is our campus and
it’s super secure as you can see. A good way to boost morale and get through the day is by having a
secret buddy. So today my secret buddy brought me this awesome little candle.
Today we’re all really excited because we’re getting our medical supplies. Alright, we’re getting ready for clinical
year, getting our short coats. Here’s our building – so our physician
assistant studies are located on this part of the wing in UPARC. We’ve got
our cadaver lab. If you continue down the hall we’ve got on rooms over here that
we can perform patient examinations in and practice everything we learn and
we’ve got our computer lab and then our main office which we’ll come back to in
a little bit and then our TV with SHRS updates; so if we turn around the corner
we’ve got more examination rooms and then we’ve got our technical skills lab which
is what we’ve been in. Then we’ve got our lockers and we’ve got our main classroom that we’re in right now because we’re in our didactic year. And in here we’ve
got our kitchen. So I decided to become a physician assistant to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Aloha! My name is Gabby and I’m from Hawaii. I chose Pitt because they have a great pass rate, and they
also have a full cadaver lab, which is awesome. Our program is made up of two phases: didactic year and clinical year. In didactic we have three semesters of classes and we get some patient interactions with mock patients; and then our clinical
year we have nine different rotations that can be in Pittsburgh or outside of
Pittsburgh and one of the clinical rotations is an elective that we get to choose. I chose Pitt because of the amazing school, faculty, and program. This semester we’re taking anatomy and we use a human cadaver lab, and we spend a lot of time in there dissecting and looking at all the organs. I chose Pitt because I really love the city, it’s so much fun, and there’s stuff to do all the time. Go Pitt! Okay so this is our
office, where all our faculty are and then this is Sam – she helps us with
everything. Hi I’m Professor Beck. I’m a PA and a faculty member here, and I
specialize in internal and emergency medicine. Right now we’re heading to a presentation that talks about the future of the ACA on Pitt’s main campus in Oakland. It’s really important to get involved in organizations on campus. Hey guys, I hope you’ve had a great time
learning more about our program on Snapchat today. I’m going to go study for
a test, but check out the next few slides for more information on our program.