My mother was a nurse in an ICU, back in the
early 70’s. Really, as medicine was evolving, critical
care was evolving, and I thought what she did was the most fascinating thing in the
world. I had some experiences early in my life where
I was around patients that were injured and I thought, I really at someday want to be in a position to be able to do something positive in their lives. In 2008, surveys were done of readiness for
time sensitive diseases around Arkansas. Arkansas absolutely finished last in the country
in those surveys. If you were a child injured in a car crash
in 2008, your chances of dying were over 3 times the national average. We really had a crisis in the state of Arkansas
and what we do here at Arkansas Children’s Hospital was so critical to the improvement
of what was going to happen in child health in the rest of the state. So for me, it was incredibly exciting to come
here and build our capability and capacity to care for the most injured patients, here
at this hospital, but also take seriously our responsibility to promote child health
throughout the rest of the state. This is the only Level One pediatric trauma
center in the state of Arkansas. So, its really the only hospital that if
you have a significant injury, EMS is going to show up and the team is going to be assembled
prior to the patient getting there, we often will have reviewed the films, and we have
a very coordinated response in to the operating room directly if we need to, or into our pediatric
ICU. Those are resources that really don’t exist
anywhere else in our state. I believe strongly as a parent, that all families
really want to know is that you have their best interest at heart, their child’s best
interest at heart, that your going to give your very best at all times for the betterment
of their child and their family. I know that if we can gain those families
trust, be consistent in that, that we can get them into our teams care and end up doing
a really good job,