Leg front. Yeah. Come on. Take your time.
You really are looking good. In many ways the practice of medicine, I think is one of
the best jobs in the world. It is just so amazingly gratifying to help people. When
they’re really down in the dumps. And they see no light at the end of the tunnel. And
you can come in and watch them heal and get better. I don’t know that there is much better
of a feeling, than that. The worst parts of being a physician have really continued to
get versus the years have progressed. And our medicine in this country has become very,
very bureaucratic. I’m spending probably, seventy five percent of my time now doing
documentation. It’s also often, very hard to get paid for the work that you do. And
there a lot of physicians who are very frustrated with those aspects of medicine. One of the
other things that’s frustrating as a physician, is the inability to make a mistake. If you’re
a physician and you make a mistake. Something significant could happen that would affect
another human being’s life. And that puts a lot of pressure on us, as physicians. It,
we hold ourselves to a much higher standard. I think, than many professions do. Because
of that. It’s why you have to have the intellectual capabilities. And the responsibility, the
dependability. Because, what we’re doing and the decisions that we’re making, is so important.
Medicine is also become very complex. You don’t have to know just a few medicines. There
are thousands of medicines in the market, now. And it’s very difficult to keep track
of all of that. And keep your patients safe, at the same time.