Coming to Fort Dodge is about the lifestyle. If you are someone who wants to be involved in raising your kids, having a family life, enjoying working with your partners, enjoying having dinner with your
partners. It’s a small community. We all want each other to succeed. This
is your place. The major attraction to Fort Dodge is the Medical Center. It was almost immediate that my practice
filled up and it’s been full ever since. And same goes for my husband’s practice, and we’re just constantly busy. You want a practice that’s going to be challenging as far as you know you’re medical knowledge and your medical practice. I think there’s plenty of that here. Trinity Region Medical Center has done an awesome job over the last 20 years. Building multiple general and specialty
programs that can provide care that’s equivalent to a major urban center. I got busy very quickly. I love my patients. I’m able to develop my practice in the way that I like, which
is to be very busy. I run a very busy practice, a very busy
schedule. For such a small hospital on the surface, they have a surprising amount
technology here. The hospital has spent the time, effort, energy, money, and personal investments to make whatever they have branched into succeed. And we can do things here at a smaller hospital that some of the
bigger cities aren’t doing in hospitals four times the size. This is not a
major metropolitan tertiary care Medical Center. But it is cutting edge in everything that it does. The quality of the care here is excellent. The hospital, from the very first day I’ve been associated with it, has encouraged and frankly demanded excellence. I’m missed very few of my kids events as they’ve grown up. I’ve had to juggle schedules occasionally but it’s a small enough facility, community, and group that you can do those sorts of things. We lived in Chicago for a while and it just feels so good to be back in hometown
Iowa. I’ve not missed one single activity of any of my children since I’ve been here.
One of the most important things to me about our
community is all of the Parks and Recreation
opportunities. You can send your kids out to ride their bikes
on the sidewalks or play in the yard, go trick-or-treating, without supervision in your neighborhood. I’m basically seven minutes from my house to the office. Those of you who may be living in a bigger city, I mean I did my residency back in Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson. And it took me two train, or a trolley and a subway to get into the hospital. It is
exactly three minutes from walking out my door and driving into the hospital parking lot. I could get from my office to my
daughter’s soccer game in less than 10 minutes. My commute is about four minutes from hospital, where I live in the Bay Area. I lived seven miles from a hospital and
my commute was a half hour. I think my children are getting a good education. Grown up in a great environment. And this is what I want. This is want I want for my family. What I want for myself. One of the first things was how much land we could get for the money. Here we had a beautiful house on
two and half acres. The kids can run and play. You know
they’re safe. Just the beauty of the surrounding area, the trees, the fields, the nature. And a lot of those things you need to start a family are quite afforable here in Fort Dodge. There’s some beautiful new neighborhoods
with brand new homes going up. That you can pick out everything, and then
there’s houses like mine where you get a 100 year old house, but we’re
the only, the third owners in a hundred years, so I think that’s kinda cool too. I was amazed how little property taxes
were. And that’s important when you’re buying a house. I mean the Realtor looked at us and apologized, and she’s just like now the taxes on this house are atrocious. They’re three thousand
dollars a year, and I about fainted because that is like half of what we were paying where we were before. The schools are excellent. The opportunities are great. And we also have the ability to travel. The school system here not only as an
excellent academic program it also provides them with a broader array of athletic activities and also artistic activities. I was born and raised in a large city. My husband was born and raised in a large city, and we’ve chosen to raise our children in a more rural environment, and they have just thrived here. You know if I would tell someone
you know coming here, this is really a nice place economically. I think it’s probably you know we haven’t been really just
overwhelmed by the you know the things that are happening in in the rest the country right now, from
a financial standpoint. The country club that I belong to in my
previous practice cost me twenty thousand dollars to buy a share. And I paid twenty-eight hundred dollars a year for just myself to golf. The first thing I did when I came here was explore Fort Dodge Country Club. It’s in a
beautiful setting and they required no purchase of a share. The bonus of course is that it takes me exactly four minutes to get from my home to this
golf course. I’ve never made a tee time. In this part of Iowa there’s lots of opportunities to hunt. There’s a lot of pheasant hunting that goes around, there’s turkey hunting and plenty of deer around for deer hunting. And a lot of farmers who, once you get to know them, would love to have you come hunting on their grounds. Just in general the opportunity to practice, do the things you like to do, with a population that seems to be genuinely happy to have us here. It makes for a nice, very nice job. My husband has always worked by himself so so we just know he’s going to be a busy guy, but he still has coached all my kids in soccer, from the time they were kindergarteners til they graduate high school. The community orchard is a great place to go visit. You get to come out and pick up your own pumpkin for Halloween. And they have an Oktoberfest, and of course have great apple pie. It’s a family area. It’s a family
atmosphere. It’s a great city. The people here are fantastic. They’re hard-working, honest good-hearted people. It’s a small
community. It’s welcoming. They want you to succeed. And they make you feel good about it. Even patients who’ve not done well,
you’re still respected by the family and it’s heart-warming. It’s just a very sensible place to live. Iowa’s like that I think. There’s a lot of
latitude to be able to run you practice in the way that you feel
comfortable. You don’t have the clinical coldness of the academic centers. It’s very different than practicing in an academic center. It really is. But it has its own beauty to it and its own strength to it. In terms of living, living quality here I think you’re not going to find any place better than Iowa. What we bring to this community is a gift, and they give it right back to us with the support they give us. Some of them are like family and it’s really amazing.