Hi I’m Seth Miller. I’m a bariatric
surgeon at the Lakeland Weight Loss Center. I’m also a general surgeon at
Lakeland in Niles. I trained in the Army as a surgeon. My residency was a six year
program. It was a traditional five year plus a year of research that I did at Madigan
Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. From there I did about three
and a half years as a general surgeon at Landstuhl, and that was my
opportunity to start a weight loss surgery program there, so I did that for
about three and a half years. The training in the military that you get as
a surgeon I think is exceptional. The amount of responsibility that you
assume earlier on in your career is substantial, and I think that’s served me
well. The best part of my job is seeing the positive results for patients. A lot of the times with general surgery, the positive results are fairly immediate, so
there’s that immediate gratification. They came in with an acute problem, say
the appendicitis. You know with a quick surgery they get better. They’re,
you know, they’re grateful and happy and you know problem solved. Then there’s
other patients, like my weight loss patients, where the benefits happen over
time, and so one of the more satisfying patients is having patients come in like
a year after surgery, and they’ve lost you know 150 pounds. For me that’s one of
the more gratifying things about my job.