[Physicians supporting physicians] [Physician Wellness] When physicians speak to a physician advisor,
I’d like them to know that we get it, first and foremost, as physicians
on the other end of the phone. I’d also reiterate to them that
the conversation is confidential, and that at the end of the day
we’re there for you as the member calling in. I’m a physician like them. I’ve been in practice,
I know what it feels like to need information, to not feel comfortable with
what’s happened with a patient. And I know how stressed they feel. If a physician called in with a
medical-legal issue at the CMPA, the one thing I’d want them to know is
that they’re speaking to a physician. They’re speaking to a physician who’s been there
and understands where they are, a physician who’s been in this job
and trained for this job to answer their questions and
feel for them where they are, and that we’ve been doing this for over a hundred years
so we know how to do it well. There are academics, there are researchers,
there are teachers, there are leaders, there are administrators that are part of
the physician advisor group. When a physician calls in with a difficult call,
I think it’s important to help them realize that they’re in a safe space, speaking with a person
who’s going to listen to them with empathy, who is aware of the difficulty of
practising medicine, the challenges, and to help them realize that conscientiousness is
sometimes associated with difficult emotions and that that’s part of being a good doctor. I went into medicine to serve the public and
to tell the truth and to do important things and help people in very specific ways. And now that I’m a physician advisor,
I don’t have patients anymore but I have physicians who I care for. I very much feel like I’m in the same therapeutic role. I listen to them, I’m not judgmental, I hear their problems,
I know what to do about it, and I really leave every day knowing that I’ve done the
same job I set out to do as a first-year medical student. When a physician tells me that they feel better
at the end of our call, then I feel like I’ve done my job. [CMPA Offering caring and meaningful support to our members.] [CMPA Empowering better healthcare]