Our next guest is a doctor who has over 600,000 views on YouTube, tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, but that’s nothing compared to what he can bench press in the gym. I got into fitness, and really developed a passion for it when I started coaching people. I’ve been coaching and competing for just over 10 years. 5’10 1/2″, 198 pound power lifter, I’ve squatted 640 pounds, I’ve bench pressed 430, and dead lifted 725 pounds. At one point, I was ranked top 20 total all time. When I started coaching others and saw the dramatic differences that I would make in their life, I quit my job as a microbiologist, and then I started training people full time. I thought if I really want to help people, I’m gonna need some more credentials. That, ultimately took me to medical school. My goal with fitness and medicine is to bring them together. Taking somebody who never thought they’d be able to squat, or deadlift, or do a pull up, it’s really amazing to see their face light up, and it changes their life. If you come in, you’re my patient, I’m gonna ask you, “what are your goals? “What do you know right now, and how can I best help you?” Making sort of actionable plan that the patient understands, and is able to go and put to work immediately. My biggest goal, is recognizing the powerful impact that exercise and nutritional changes can have on somebody’s health. Maintaining muscle mass, strength, your ability to do your activities of daily life is maintaining your independence. Please welcome Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum to the show. (audience applause) So we’ve got a segment, we’re gonna play a game with you, but before we do that, what’s the heaviest weight you’ve ever lifted? I’ve dead lifted 725 pounds at 198 pound body weight, so yeah. That’s impressive, to say the least. So, you’re big into fitness, so we’re going to play a little game of hot or not with you. These are all about the latest gym crazes, and FYI was that an eight pack I saw? Yeah, maybe, I’m not sure. Putting us to shame. So, a lot of people try to go to the gym, their goal is to have your physique. And so they’re willing to try anything. Right. So what about this, some beauty brands, they’re creating lines specifically for the gym. And, I want to ask you what you think about the gym beauty concept. People, for instance, wearing makeup to the gym. Hot or not? So, that’s gonna be a no for me, but if you look good, feel good, you’re gonna have a good session at the gym. So that’s probably a win, but me personally, I think it would get in my beard, so it’s a no from me. You just got through all your training, did you ever wear scrubs to the gym? Yes, but then I split my pants doing a squat, so then that was a one and done. Yeah, if we can stretchy scrubs, then we’ll be alright. Over 80% of Americans say they suffer from fatigue, so this next gym craze aims to battle just that. This is called Napercise. It’s a 45 minute class at a gym. You lay down on a cozy mattress, put on a sleeping mask, and catch some zzz’s. That’s a kindergarten. Hot or Not? I could have gotten into that as an intern coming off call. Yeah, I think in residency it would have been great, but for fitness, probably a no. Not for me. I tell ya, if you had a hard workout though, I would be down with this. You work your tail off, then you get a little Napercise. I just wanna, I want to meet the instructor. “So what do you do?” “I just nap all day.” Which sounds great. I don’t think you could teach multiple classes in a day. How about this, sometimes you work out hard, so you can look good in a swimsuit. The final trend, is the latest swimsuit trend popping up on Instagram. Hairy chest swimsuits for women. Let’s look at this for everyone. You have to see the picture. See the picture, everyone, before you judge. We’ll show the picture. There it is. Hot or Not, Jordan? So not! Well, see, I have a different opinion. It’s hot for me, we would match, and so, I’d think yeah. I’d have a hairy chest with it. I think any time you can have fun with your physique, it’s a good thing. Yeah. You know, have a little bit of fun. Alright, really quickly, before we go, biggest fitness advice, what’s the one thing you can tell people. Yeah, so I’d get people to do more strength training. I think that’s one part that we miss when we give out recommendations, and it’s part of the current guidelines anyway, so I think everybody should be doing some form of strength training in their routine. And sometimes it can be as simple as body weight exercises. Dr. Feigenbaum, thanks so much.